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Robert 3 months ago in BLOX CMS • updated by Elizabeth Stephens 3 weeks ago 1

1) Wikipedia-style revisions would allow users to see the actual changes made between two versions of the same asset. Text would be highlighted that was deleted, added or changed, with an area for specific notes (if needed) for why the changes happened. User information could be seen when hovering over the changes to see who actually did the edit.

2) It's difficult to see currently what the actual changes or revisions have been made to an asset.

3) This feature would be used all the time by every staff member. Allows us to keep track of every change and why the change was made. Would especially be useful on long-form articles where what was changed or changes that need to be highlighted were missed.

4) All users would benefit from this feature. Our head editors and copyrighters would benefit most from it.

You can clearly see the previous asset text on the left, and the right is the current (or latest selected) with the changes that were made to the asset. It could be even further clarified by highlighting with different colours.

Red = delete

Green = added

Orange = changes (ie: spelling)

Currently, if a staff member who did the edits is not around, we have to open up several of the previous revisons and compare them. By having the changes in one window and side-by-side, it's easier to see past changes and plan for future ones.

Kyle Whitfield 3 months ago in BLOX CMS • updated by Elizabeth Stephens 3 weeks ago 3

Right now, BLOX only stores versions of the 10 most recent revisions made, correct? Is there anyway to expand that to 30 or even more? We change assets so often now that we lose the ability to track story versions to serve as teaching points for reporters/editors and for gathering versions for contest entries. Is this something that's technically possible to accomplish?

Kevin M. Cox 1 month ago in BLOX CMS • updated by Elizabeth Stephens 3 weeks ago 2

Does anybody have a quick/easy solution to get something like JuxtaposeJS working on a Flex site?


EDIT: Looks like I might be able to just embed the code though... (and I admit I posted before even trying but figured if somebody already has a system like this that is TownNews friendly it will save me some time).

Nick 3 weeks ago in BLOX CMS 0

If you're like me you get dozens of tech support calls every week. People needing help logging in, subscribing, navigating the website, etc. For a while now I've wanted the ability to add notes to a user's profile.

There are tons of times people call and say they spoke with me last month, last year, yesterday about X, Y and Z and I have no memory of the conversation because of the sheer number of calls I get. So it would be nice to have a place to jot some quick notes, hidden to the user of course. Maybe a date field and a field for text.

It would also help the user's experience that we actually do remember the conversation.

Would anyone else use a feature like this? Is there a BLOX workaround way to do this that doesn't involve a spreadsheet or text document?

Christine Masters (Director of Product Management) 7 months ago in BLOX CMS • updated by ejm 3 weeks ago 16

Hi community people!

Earlier today we had our big BLOX Core update! If you missed the release notes, they are here.

I've noticed a few media sites start using the User Reactions feature. Are any of you thinking of enabling it? Maybe on just a specific section? I'm interested in hearing your reactions or ways to improve it.

Nick 1 year ago in BLOX CMS • updated by ejm 3 weeks ago 15

With FLEX's reliance on 4:3 and 16:9 cropping it would seem that many photos will end up cropping off the subject in order to adhere to the ratio. And most sites surely have some blocks that pull an asset in 16:9 and others that pull the same asset in 4:3. I propose a quick-crop tool that allows users to select crops for both ratios without the user having to work out the math or upload a previously cropped photo.

I'm thinking something like the image below that would allow users to select the ratio in a dropdown box and blocks would pull the appropriate ratio.

Would anyone else with FLEX use that?

Kevin M. Cox 3 years ago in BLOX CMS • updated by Caitlin 3 weeks ago 11
We would like to request the option of having a "Coupon Code" function available for new subscriptions on the website.

We envision being able to link specific codes to specific subscription services (e.g. a code would allow a discount on a 7 day print subscription but not on a weekend only).

To be fully functional, the code should include options to select either: $ off, % off or length of free trial.

This would be a huge tool for our circulation/promotions department and we imagine would be a welcome addition for other newspapers as well.

--> Why we're asking:

To give a little more background I thought it might be helpful to give a specific use case. While we see tons of potential for this feature, there is a specific promotion we're trying to develop in the next month and are having trouble seeing a way to do it with the current system.

We're planning on a new subscription marketing push for our newspaper. We'd like to offer potential subscribers a free trial subscription (either print and/or online) to the paper.

In order to make things as easy as possible we'd like them to be able to sign-up online (create a new BLOX user account) and instantly begin their online trial (get behind the paywall) without having to enter a credit card. At the end of their trial period of course we'll offer to make them a subscriber and collect their payment information.

A "coupon code" function seems like the best way to make this happen but of course we are open to suggestions if we can already pull off something similar with existing tools. For example: Is there a way to link directly to a hidden subscription service?

Please let me know what y'all think.

Under review
Paul Crawford 4 weeks ago in BLOX CMS • updated 4 weeks ago 6

Just wondering. Can't select any of the drop downs or expand windows anymore since around Tuesday.

Under review
Abby 2 months ago in BLOX CMS • updated by Christine Masters (Director of Product Management) 4 weeks ago 4

I was thinking that it would be beneficial to have a box within the asset creation window where once an asset has been saved, the asset's URL is displayed for easy copy/paste. My coworkers and I are frequently (at least once a day) creating assets which we then email out to our subscribers using Constant Contact. It would be nice to have the URL easily copyable from the asset creation screen, rather than opening a new tab or waiting for the asset appears on the front-end. If the URL were displayed in the asset window, it would save a click!

Under review
Meagen Finnerty 4 weeks ago in BLOX CMS • updated 4 weeks ago 10

I'm often using parallax photos to separate sections in a long story. With the new cover art ability to have the headline overlay, I was thinking that it would be really neat if we could put text on top of these parallax or full-bleed photos. We could put subheads or really impressive pull quotes, etc.

Here are a couple examples of how I've used them as a way to separate pieces of a project:



diane 4 weeks ago • updated by Meagen Finnerty 4 weeks ago 5

By time we record/edit/post video it is old news. We'd like to be able to create live on the fly and have the system automatically share it to fb and twitter if possible. Perhaps treat it like 'breaking News' and It only appears on the page if we are 'live'. Once we are done , we can go in and add story and move to a section.

Nick 4 weeks ago in BLOX CMS 0

We've had Outbrain for a while now but I just noticed there's an anchor that takes up most of the screen. I don't have a problem with native ads but I don't want something that intrusive.

Under review
Beth OMalley 2 months ago in BLOX Total CMS • updated by Kevin M. Cox 4 weeks ago 3

If we could set a user's default presentation style (just like we can set that their assets always get them listed as the author) for article assets, that would be very helpful. 

Under review
Pat Checketts 1 month ago in BLOX CMS • updated by Kevin M. Cox 4 weeks ago 3

Is there a way to have a word limit on free calendar submissions, but offer more words for paid submissions using the Upsell Manager?

In our small/medium market community, we're using the online calendar feature and we allow even businesses to post events at their stores or locations.  Events which are submitted online are also included in our print edition, but we limit certain free submissions to just 15 words.  Currently, I can't find a way to put a word limit on calendar submissions.  And if there is a way to do this, is there also way to make a rule which prompts users to purchase an enhanced listing if they exceed the word limit in the description?  Could the photo in the calendar submission also be set up as an option only available to enhanced listings?

We currently have enhanced calendar listings with a few options (one week, one month, etc.).  Since we implemented these features a few months ago, we've only had one business pay for an actual enhanced listing and it was at an introductory rate to test out the new feature.

Our calendar page is at www.sewardindependent.com/calendar

Pat Checketts

Advertising Manager

Seward County Independent

Seward, NE


Hi Pat - 

Upsell Manager cannot restrict the number of words or photos for an event.  

The self-service tool is designed to automatically apply properties (keywords, sections, priorities) to an event for purposes of prime placement throughout your site or print edition - homepage, newsletters, entertainment page, search results, etc. 

The value of the upsell is the promotion of a user's event your site rather than the number of words or photos a user is able to apply. 

Paul Crawford 2 months ago in BLOX CMS • updated by Kevin M. Cox 4 weeks ago 3

When we upload images to BLOX, it seems to be stripping the metadata out.  If I pull an image of the site, I cannot tell where it was created.  Can we keep that in please?


Metadata is only preserved in the hi-res version of the photo data if that is being stored in BLOX. All other images are stripped and have optimizations applied against them at this point.