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Jay Allred 6 days ago in BLOX CMS • updated by Christine Masters (Director of Product Management) 28 minutes ago 3

Can anybody fill me in on how the ad blocker detection / messaging works in BLOX. 

There's a toggle under "advertising", but I'm not sure it even works or what the message says.

Can we control the text in the message or the frequency? How does it work?

jjessee 9 hours ago in BLOX CMS 0

In some of our sites, the bylines and taglines for authors differ between the print version and the web version. For example, the print byline in TCMS might by "BY JON DOE / Community News" but the desired byline for the web could be "By Jon Doe of the Community News staff."

Taglines are frequently even more different. A print tagline might be "Contact Jon Doe at jdoe@communitynews.com" while the web tagline might be "Jon Doe may be reached at jdoe@communitynews.com or 800-293-9576. Follow him @jondoe."

Those are simplistic examples. Some of our actual cases are even more different. Our desire would be to have the author field -- which would be the same in both TCMS and BLOX be the key for allowing these to automatically be different in the two channels, even though TCMS would carry the print version over to BLOX.

The idea would be that when an asset arrived in BLOX, the author field (if populated) would automatically place information from the "content" portion of the BLOX user profile into the byline and tagline fields, replacing what came over from TCMS.

This would occur on every bylined, staff-written story in our largest newspaper every day. The time saved would be measured in man hours every day. There's no reason that this work should have to be done manually.

Andrea 3 days ago in BLOX CMS • updated by diane 11 hours ago 4


This year, we bought two southern West Virginia newspapers. I would like to add a Blox calendar to the sites. (For our main site, we use CitySpark, so I am not familiar at all with the Blox calendar.) 

The two new papers have their own Blox websites. Because they are only 30 minutes apart from each other, I would like to create just one calendar for both sites, as they will have many events in common. 

Has anyone using one calendar on multiple sites, or is it not possible? 


Jay Allred 2 weeks ago in BLOX CMS • updated by Paul Crawford 13 hours ago 3

I have a reader who - despite being a registered user and having been logged in on her phone, continues to hit our paywall, even though there is no reason she should be doing so. 

We have tried to duplicate the issue on multiple devices and cannot do so. 

I know that the paywall operates using cookies.Can anyone think of what might be happening in this isolated case? Phone is an iPhone6. 


I assume that when she hits the paywall, she can log in and see content. But, each time she comes back, she has to log in again?

If so:

- It is unlikely to be a "remember me" issue since your site has "force enabled for all user" for the "remember me" setting.

- It is very likely she is in private browsing mode. In this situation the browser doesn't store cookies so it will not remember you between settings. (We see this complaint especially from iPhone users.)



If she can't log in at all, then:

- There is probably something wrong with her account or her subscription purchase. Our Customer Support staff can help troubleshoot the issue.

Let me know if this helps! =)


Robert 15 hours ago in BLOX CMS • updated 15 hours ago 0

We're trying to impliment the "Editor's Picks" feature of Google News. When I submit the rss feed, it is giving the error "Feed Errors: We could not crawl your feed; the URL may be blocked by robots.txt"

The URL we're using is: https://www.westerngazette.ca/search/?f=rss&sd=desc&l=25&t=article&nsa=eedition&fl=featured&altf=google_newsstand

... which I think is the correct way for Google News. Anything glaringly wrong with what I'm doing?

Google News "Editor's Picks" Documentation: https://support.google.com/news/publisher/answer/1407682

Edit: Googlebot-News is allowed in my robots.txt settings.

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kathy 2 weeks ago in BLOX CMS • updated by Christine Masters (Director of Product Management) 2 days ago 1

Support says I need a proxy server. Has anyone else got this working that would point me in the right direction please?

Under review
Jay Allred 2 weeks ago in BLOX CMS • updated by Christine Masters (Director of Product Management) 3 days ago 2

Accepting suggestions. / assistance

I am trying to generate a report of the obits published by funeral home within a certain date range. The purpose is to validate billing per obit for the funeral home. In other words, "We published ____ obits for ______ funeral home between ____ and ____, and here's a list of them."

All of our funeral homes are assigned as businesses within our business directory, and the business is attached to each obit asset when published. Example: http://www.richlandsource.com/obituaries/andy-scubby-scodova/article_baca4860-ad27-11e7-ba01-cbc8df811bd7.html

When viewing within Marketplace>Businesses, the individual articles are shown as child assets of the funeral home.

I tried to run a report out of analytics in BLOX.

Businesses>Related assets summary

It returned a "backend fetch failed"

Annaward 2 weeks ago in BLOX CMS • updated by Rick Simpson 2 weeks ago 2

I thought that typing "mailto:" and then entering the e-mail address would do the trick, but it didn't work. Any suggestions on how to do it without making the ad an HTML5 ad?


Cherry Wolf (Marketing specialist) 3 weeks ago in BLOX CMS • updated 2 weeks ago 3

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David Kennard 2 weeks ago in BLOX CMS • updated by Christine Masters (Director of Product Management) 2 weeks ago 1

I am getting this dialogue box each time I log into BLOX/CMS Editorial/Assets. It includes three documents that I know I have saved. How can I make this go away?

Katie 2 weeks ago in BLOX CMS • updated by Aaron Gillette (Marketing Director, TownNews.com) 2 weeks ago 1

I would like to request a training seminar for two Town News users on building slideshows to see what capabilities we might be missing.


Hi Katie,

To request a session with our training team, please complete the training request form on our help site. They'll be able to help you out.


Aaron Gillette

Marketing Director


Jeff Sebestyen 3 weeks ago in BLOX CMS • updated by Christine Masters (Director of Product Management) 3 weeks ago 2

I have a story with no presentation mode.  The single photo is simply a Child Asset to a Flex story.  In both Internet Explorer and Chrome, I can not close the photo after viewing it.  There is no X, and I can't click off of it.  I have to refresh the page.   I can recreate this issue on multiple stories.   I have looked on a sister site and they have an X.  I have also tried clicking where an X would be.  

Maureen Reinert 3 weeks ago

The problem is that your header/nav is covering the close button. The close button is there. It's just roughly on the page under the Sign Up and Log in buttons.

If you use the developer tools, look at the style:

#site-navbar-container {






Turn off the position:fixed value and you'll see the close button.

One possible way to get around this is to set the z-index on the class .modal.fullscreen.

.modal.fullscreen {



I don't know if that will mess up something somewhere else on your site, but it would make the image overlay appear on top of the menu, and that would allow for the close button to be seen.

Kyle Whitfield 3 weeks ago in BLOX CMS • updated by Robert 3 weeks ago 1

It would be super helpful if blocks, like assets, would lock when someone already has one open.

We run into situations, especially in breaking news, where 2 people might have our homepage top stories block open. Both are pinning and re-arranging stories -- but they're accidentally saving over each other's work without knowing it.

Robert 3 months ago in BLOX CMS • updated by Elizabeth Stephens 3 weeks ago 1

1) Wikipedia-style revisions would allow users to see the actual changes made between two versions of the same asset. Text would be highlighted that was deleted, added or changed, with an area for specific notes (if needed) for why the changes happened. User information could be seen when hovering over the changes to see who actually did the edit.

2) It's difficult to see currently what the actual changes or revisions have been made to an asset.

3) This feature would be used all the time by every staff member. Allows us to keep track of every change and why the change was made. Would especially be useful on long-form articles where what was changed or changes that need to be highlighted were missed.

4) All users would benefit from this feature. Our head editors and copyrighters would benefit most from it.

You can clearly see the previous asset text on the left, and the right is the current (or latest selected) with the changes that were made to the asset. It could be even further clarified by highlighting with different colours.

Red = delete

Green = added

Orange = changes (ie: spelling)

Currently, if a staff member who did the edits is not around, we have to open up several of the previous revisons and compare them. By having the changes in one window and side-by-side, it's easier to see past changes and plan for future ones.

Kyle Whitfield 3 months ago in BLOX CMS • updated by Elizabeth Stephens 3 weeks ago 3

Right now, BLOX only stores versions of the 10 most recent revisions made, correct? Is there anyway to expand that to 30 or even more? We change assets so often now that we lose the ability to track story versions to serve as teaching points for reporters/editors and for gathering versions for contest entries. Is this something that's technically possible to accomplish?