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This would also be helpful simply for staffers who run a search on assets they are an author of inside the BLOX interface.

Due to the problem you mention with finding obits on the funeral home's site we went the opposite direction and put all obits in front of the paywall by selling sponsorships on that section. (Another sticky issue there was that obits were already content that we were paid to publish so it avoided that complaint from grieving family members.)

I think this will require additional work from Town News.

Ideally it would match against the XMP "Contact Email" field imbedded in the photo and apply the correct user account with the matching email.

Personally I also wish they would populate the Byline from the "Credit" field instead of "Creator/Photographer" since that is a better field to include stylized bylines such as, KEVIN M. COX/The Daily News, while leaving the other field as a simple name for digital asset management purposes.

Here is what I ended up doing. It is far from perfect, looks much better on desktop than mobile, but it got a ton of hits.

I agree, cancel should get the same warning as the X.

Love it, I've meant to request this for a while now. It would be so helpful!

I'd like to take it a step further and allow papers to use a custom domain for their shortlinks. (e.g. vs.

Ah sorry, in TotalCMS that area gets populated with a URL once the asset makes it over to hosted.