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Yep. That's the culprit. I didn't even look at that ad.

If you're talking about the masthead-full-top region having height but no actual content you could do it this way...

#masthead-col-one {

margin-top: -45px;


#masthead-col-two {

margin-top: -45px;


...which would give you this...

If you want to bring the mountains back into view try something like this...

#site-header-container {

background-position50% 30%;


Where is the empty space you're talking about on the live site? Can you take a screenshot into Photoshop and circle the area?

In my experience whatever byline comes from TCMS overwrites the byline in BLOX. I tested this last week just to make sure and that's what happened. The user is still associated but it's as if the byline set in BLOX isn't honored. It defaults to whatever came from TCMS.

We've discussed this here before:

Christine has a suggestion in that topic. Unfortunately it sounds like you're at the mercy of the user's browser cache.

I agree. I started a topic like this a year ago. I never heard anything more about it. But I think it's a no-brainer that when a story goes on the web the byline should default to whatever that user's byline is on the web NOT how it ran in the printed version.

That's not the way ours is set up. That way if someone is on site B and wants to add an event they don't have to go to another website. It makes a few extra steps for us but we don't have enough calendar events that it becomes a hassle.

You may be able to create a widget block that you would then put on another website but in my experience those don't display correctly unless they're in a 100% width(of the entire page) region. And most times you don't want them in a 100% width region, you want them in the rail or in the main content region.

We have three BLOX sites and TownNews set them up to syndicate calendar events to each other. We have to manually go in and add site tags to the other BLOX websites. But it's really handy when you have multiple websites and you want them to share calendars.

I saw the update from August that adds an auto-save feature of sorts to BLOXCMS. This is a step in the right direction for preventing articles from being lost. I think a bigger concern of ours remains the cancel button. Can the cancel button not be given the same exact function and prompt of the close/X button?