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Any update on when to expect this?

While I think the majority of changes would be valid I would hate for one to get through with something inappropriate. So I guess you're right.

I'm loving the new article designer. One bug I noticed is with pull quotes. When the pull quote isn't dragged into the body of the article the "Title" field becomes the footer of the pull quote. That's perfect. But when the pull quote is dragged as an in-line object the code changes and the "Title" becomes an h4 element. Can we get that changed to have the quote attribution to be at the bottom?

Here's an example...

In-line content

Related box outside the body

There are already enough boxes and options to click in BLOX. I think this is something publishers can either be OK with as-is and let people be people or decide it's not worth the negativity.

We've started using this feature but ended up disabling it due to people leaving "Love" and "Funny" reactions on stories where people have died. It's a great feature but people just don't seem to show any semblance of compassion or empathy. We're talking 20% improper reactions sometimes. I just don't think it's worth the negativity.

I'm playing around with in-line photos now. They're looking great. But when I try parallax it only displays the photo on the left half of the page. I thought it was CSS messing with the display so I tried the same thing on our two other FLEX sites and got the same result. I'm going to attach a screenshot.

The link is:

That seems like it would be what we need. I think this will really enhance the look of short stories.

We were talking just last week about the ability to restrict photo purchasing for mugshots because of mugshots we get from law enforcement and the court system. So I'm all for something that auto-disables mugshots from being sold.

I also made a topic a few weeks ago asking for a broader definition of auto-disabled sales. For instance we typically say "Provided" when a photo is provided. It's something we've done for years. And that means people are going to be really slow to adopt a new way of tagging a photo to not be sold. Our editors try to remember #nosale but some inevitably get through without that keyword. For those times it would be nice to have another filter(such as anything with "provided" or whatever set text in the byline) to pick up the others.

Our Whiz app just has a link that opens the web page inside the app rather than a specific app page. We use Youtube assets. I'm not sure if that was the determining factor or not.

I think its simplicity is what I like about it. BLOX makes it VERY easy to put way too much content on the home page. And nothing against BLOX for allowing that, it's up to us to be responsible with what we put on our pages. I constantly battle having a cluttered home page. I'll revisit it every few weeks to see what needs to stay, go or change.