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This is a cool idea and would be useful for us as well. But in the short term, we're pretty desperate to just be able to view more than 10 revisions on a story.

Just adding to this to reinforce a ticket I just updated. Since we switched over to using hosted for print, we're pretty desperate to have more viewable revisions.

We always just use the embed code in an html asset. I was looking for an example of one we did, but I can't remember one off the top of my head. But we've always had pretty good luck with the Knight Lab stuff and just using their embed codes.

I was told it's close, but a customer ticket would help move it along. We'll see ;)

At Jon Winters' suggestion, I just put this in as a feature request. Figured I'd tack it on here as part of the posting process when feature requests are made. 

We are experimenting with Hosted Blox CMS and writing back to our site from print (we previously broke the link). It would be nice if we could trim for web. So if we change a day of the week for print, it doesn't affect web. Or if we explain what was in a hyperlink for print purposes, that can be left off for web.

We would like to be able to put text in notes mode beyond the article body field. This would include: summaries, photo captions, infoboxes (all related content), description fields in other types of assets, etc.

) What problem(s) does this idea solve? Why do you need this idea implemented? Provide as many problems or use cases as possible.

We are liking the idea of print edits making it back to web to avoid correcting things in two places, but we don't like that everything we do for print is affecting web. We are using the print trim option to cut stories, but this addresses a separate issue.

2) How often would you use this feature?

Daily, with all assets in print.

3) How many people in your organization would use this feature?

It will be useful for our designers and copy editors (10-15)

Interesting. I was relying on Christine's tip of using the keyword from "asset_presentation":"long_form". 

But now I see the instance you mention as well and also a spot where there is a class= article-longform. 

Here's the example I'm looking at:


I love this idea. We have a partnership with Politifact and post fact checks pretty regularly. I rigged up an html asset to make it work, but anyone else that has to figure out the code freaks out. So something native in Blox would be fantastic. Here's our section for this:

And a story example:

Here's our weekly magazine:

When they made the switch from Wordpress to Blox, TownNews helped them figure out how to recreate it in Blox (for better or worse). But what I do like that they do is use an article form as a landing page for the week's main story/stories:

They've gotten pretty creative in their article display, but it does take a lot of hands-on coding work.

We love using Soundcite, but the workaround to get in a story correctly is a pain! Integration would be awesome. Here's a good example of how we've used it recently: