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Hi Marshall -- The expiring upsell notification emails do not currently include a link to the related item. This is something we can definitely add.  This would simply be a link to the event itself and if the author / creator of the event is logged in they will be prompted to purchase another upsell.

I'll create a feature request to add that link but I cannot guarantee an ETA at this time. For now, the user who purchased the upsell can purchase another from either the event landing page (if logged in) or from their user-dashboard while viewing their event details. 

Hi Pat - 

Upsell Manager cannot restrict the number of words or photos for an event.  

The self-service tool is designed to automatically apply properties (keywords, sections, priorities) to an event for purposes of prime placement throughout your site or print edition - homepage, newsletters, entertainment page, search results, etc. 

The value of the upsell is the promotion of a user's event your site rather than the number of words or photos a user is able to apply. 

Hi Melanie - are you able to view the ad in Preview?  Have you submitted a ticket to our CS team? 

Hi Nick, 

Providing an option to auto-approve event updates would be a feature request. I would be remiss if I didn't point out that this request would allow users to update previously approved events with descriptions or images a site might deem inappropriate. 

Has that been considered? 

The current workflow, while it may require additional time, allows for proper vetting at each point during the submission process.

Thanks, Laura!

I'll submit this as a feature request and update here as this gets closer to a release.  

Hi Ellen, 

Website is not included for basic info, however, Business Directory listings contain the appropriate website fields. In the example you've added, Abel-Keppy Animal Hospital business listing would need their website field filled out.

Hi Mary, 

We can accept an iCal feed from other sites and feed that into your Calendar. The site hosting the events would need to provide you that feed. Please contact our support team for setup.



Hi Robert,

For Classifieds, yes, we have plans to provide searching / updating / creating classifieds via webservices. I cannot give you an ETA at this time but keep an eye out on our release notes for new updates.



Hi Mary -- Happy to provide an update! We've added support for this to Ad-Owl & Business Directory. We'd also like to introduce this in Calendar as well. I have a feature request ticket started and I'll update here once we're nearing a release.

Hi Craig -- Not at this time, no. Visitors will require a user login to submit events.