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Thanks, Laura!

I'll submit this as a feature request and update here as this gets closer to a release.  

Hi Ellen, 

Website is not included for basic info, however, Business Directory listings contain the appropriate website fields. In the example you've added, Abel-Keppy Animal Hospital business listing would need their website field filled out.

Hi Mary, 

We can accept an iCal feed from other sites and feed that into your Calendar. The site hosting the events would need to provide you that feed. Please contact our support team for setup.



Hi Robert,

For Classifieds, yes, we have plans to provide searching / updating / creating classifieds via webservices. I cannot give you an ETA at this time but keep an eye out on our release notes for new updates.



Hi Mary -- Happy to provide an update! We've added support for this to Ad-Owl & Business Directory. We'd also like to introduce this in Calendar as well. I have a feature request ticket started and I'll update here once we're nearing a release.

Hi Craig -- Not at this time, no. Visitors will require a user login to submit events.

Hi Jacki!

We're already aware of this issue and have a fix planned. Thanks!


Hi Lizbeth,

To approve or reject new businesses and/or user claim requests you'll have to login to the BLOX admin and access the toolbar options in Business Directory.

Perhaps you saw these pending claims in our new email alerts? For more information about these new reminders you can read our release notes here.

It seems those pending claims & busineses were vetted today. Let me know if you have any additional questions.



Hi Sarah,

If you're relating these obituary articles to the business you can also re-order those assets per business under the Related tab to accomplish your preferred order. Hope that helps!


Thanks, Nick. I'm sure you've already considered this but you'd be sacrificing the ability to edit each event. For instance, the "Opening Ceremony" may have information particular to that event - guest speakers, acts/lineup, prices, ticket links, 18 and Over flag - all of which would then have to be included in the body of the single event. The "Gospel Concert" may be a 21+ event.

For a weekend-long event consisting of several different schedules and details you can imagine that single event could get awfully long.