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Hey guys!

A few quick notes... 

Firstly, we do have the ability to turn off user reactions on a per-asset basis. Go to the article -> Other tab -> disallow reactions.

Additionally, you also can disable User Reactions on a per-section basis. Go to URL properties -> Social interactions -> User Reactions.

We actually mention disabling User Reactions on the Obituary section in our online documentation.

It could even be something where you turn these off on several sections... but just keep for main non-crime news, or entertainment, or Letters to the Editor, etc. Lots of options! =)

Actually I think you're right. It is left-aligned (but not floated) on regular stories. On long-form mode, it sticks out awkwardly to the left.

I will see if we can center both with CSS for now.

Adding alignment options will be more complicated than a simple CSS fix, but I think that's a good idea if it is possible.

This parallax issue should be fixed later today. =)

This is essentially what I'm pitching to development... a new "Infinity ad" setting. You can choose to have ads every X number of paragraphs.

- We would want them to be intelligently pre-loaded and lazy loaded (to improve viewability).

- There would be 1 ad at the end of paragraphs 1 - 3.

- Then another ad X (depending on number set) paragraphs later.

- This should also work on AMP pages!

- This should also work all story presentation modes... and any other place where in-story ads work.

The first ad will be after the 3rd paragraph. The next ad will be X number of paragraphs down the page (where X is defined by the site in a site setting).

Some examples:

X = Number of paragraphs between ads, as per setting
P = Number of paragraphs

If X = 5 & P = 2, you'll have one ad at the end of the story.

If X = 5 & P = 3, You'll have 3 paragraphs and then an ad at the end.

If X = 5 & P = 6, You'll have 3 paragraphs and then an ad, and then three more paragraphs.

If X = 5 & P = 8, You'll have 3 paragraphs and then an ad, and then 5 paragraphs and then an ad.

What do you guys think? Am I missing any logic?

It would be something you have to turn on, so all backwards compatibility would be maintained. And since you have to enable it, we could assume the new position would be filled. But, it would probably be just one ad slot (sort of like the in-gallery images).

Right now I'm thinking this is just one story slot that is rotated over and over.

Hi Cole!

I assume you mean an email newsletter?

Yes, we have a product for email newsletters. It is actually really nice - it is nicely integrated with our system so that you use special email-specific blocks to design your own mobile-friendly email newsletter from the ground up. (We also have lots of sample starter newsletters you can copy!)

End users can log into our existing User Dashboard and manager their lists from there.

And, when someone signs up for a user account on the system, it allows them to check off the email newsletters they want at the same time.

Also, there is an integration with our e-Edition product so that when the e-Edition goes up online each day, it can send an email to specific email users letting them know.

For more information, click here:

I will ask your sales rep to contact you to provide more details. Thanks! =)

No, thank you! It was a great-looking article. =) Please share additional ones that you do. =)