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Can you give me a use case here, Beth? Is it because they are an opinion columnist and they often write in personality mode?

We do have the user profile, which is similar to Maureen's:

Maureen has a few additional ad spots, which we may be able to add to the user profile if there aren't spots already.

As far as a "directory" type thing, we have been asked this before and it is on our backlog, but it is currently a ways off. Basically, users are not assets at this point in time, so they can't be added to a block. With this request I'm discussing, we could make users into assets which could be queried by blocks, searched, or attached to articles.

You could also have "person" assets for local politicians, sports heros or murderers. Each time you would associate them to an article, they would get a little "card" on the article with their mugshot, basic info and a link to their profile page. The profile page would then look similarly to the one I linked above, with a bit of data on the person, and a list of stories below the person which they were attached to.

Nick, assuming this is a non-Flash JS pagecurl from Ad Manager, can you submit a CS ticket for this? They can look to see if there is something different with your site, or if it is a bug, or if it has to be that way because of Flash, etc.

Hey Graham! Thanks for bumping this, I think I missed it before.

Can you give me more info about what the reverse option would provide? Are you doing like Top Ten lists or listicle type things? Can you provide a few examples?

Hi Sam!

Firstly... is this using Ad Manager? If so, yes this would need to be either an HTML or an HTML 5 ad. 

With an HTML ad, you would have to host the image file somewhere else, and just upload the HTML to Ad Manager. Multiple clickTags can be added by as mentioned in the ad editing screen.

With an HTML 5 ad, which may work better, you could upload the image, the CSS, and everything else as part of the ad. You can use a program such as Google Web Designer to create the ad (if you need help with the creation) and then export the zip file and upload it to Ad Manager. Currently, HTML 5 ads only support one clickTag.

Hey Kyle... I'm not sure what you mean. Can you show an example or screenshot?

Have you seen that they are allowing publishers to change links if they apply for "ownership" of their domain? 

Thanks Maureen! We should be able to make sure the full-longform keyword is forced to the front as well.

That is something to consider. I would feel better if I thought they were going to do something with it soon... but the fact that people have been complaining about it for years makes me feel like they are not fixing this for a strategic reason. Maybe they want to push people toward VR apps in the new iOS?

Quick follow up since you mentioned Pannellum... we are expecting to have 360 panorama photos. That is being developed and seems like it will work. Video with gyroscope functionality (which is what I would call VR) is the issue.

We are just making it so that any panorama photo, when viewed on a mobile device, will use the phone's gyroscope to move around within the photo.