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Hi there!

Our developer is looking into the issue - it could be that it doesn't work with a specific combination of options. Could you submit a job ticket if you haven't already?

But, essentially there are a few options - One is to give them the paywall, and it just looks like a normal paywall. In this case if they logged in, or removed the ad blocker, they would get the content (So, essentially, subscribers would be allowed to block ads).

The other option is just a message. When this triggers it looks like a metering message... but it says something about that An ad blocker in enabled on your site. Please turn it off or whitelist us, etc.

I will get more information as to the set up and make sure our docs are updated. Thank you!

Hi Kathy!

So I've been talking to several people about this, and I think we have some answers.

Firstly, Amazon does not currently support Let's Encrypt security certificates, which is currently used by BLOX CMS. That's why we are getting "Error fetching the requested URL" when trying to add a secure feed. This is a known Amazon issue that they are investigating (but, it has been a year or so that this has been a know issue).

Text flash briefings do not need to be secure at this time, so those will work. Secure feeds will not work until Amazon supports Let's Encrypt, or unless there is another fix.

For regular insecure feeds our network recognizes the Amazon feeder as a bot, and throttles the traffic. This is a protection mechanism against bad bots, attacks, and other invalid traffic.

Usually, we "whitelist" feed scraper based on user agent - this way we recognize the scraper as a legitimate process, and we allow it to have normal access to the site (rather than being restricted as a bad bot). Unfortunately but Amazon doesn't have a unique user agent on their scraper so this method can't be used.

Another alternative is to white list a feed scraper based on IP address... but Amazon does not use a narrowly-defined set of IPs. And, unfortunately, their IPs are the same as any bad bots that happen to be hosted on Amazon's EC2 hosting services. So if we opened up our servers to any traffic from their IPs, we would open ourselves up to a lot of bad traffic.

All that being said, it appears - until Amazon updates some of these methods - that the best thing would be to use a proxy service, which is what our support team recommended. This is basically a feed service that stands between Amazon and to get them to play together.

I set up a test using Google Feedburner. Basically you enter your script into Feedburner, and then get the Google address out, and then put the Feedburner address in to Amazon.

I'm currently testing this. It did let me set up the service, which is further than I've gotten before. But, I haven't seen yet if it updated more quickly than before.

I will let you know how it goes!

Feel free to try to set up a Feedburner account yourself if you want to experiment. Let me know if you have any questions.

I'm going to post this answer in your support ticket as well.


That's a great idea Maureen, thank you! Jay, if you need help implementing her test block, let me know. =)

I assume that when she hits the paywall, she can log in and see content. But, each time she comes back, she has to log in again?

If so:

- It is unlikely to be a "remember me" issue since your site has "force enabled for all user" for the "remember me" setting.

- It is very likely she is in private browsing mode. In this situation the browser doesn't store cookies so it will not remember you between settings. (We see this complaint especially from iPhone users.)

If she can't log in at all, then:

- There is probably something wrong with her account or her subscription purchase. Our Customer Support staff can help troubleshoot the issue.

Let me know if this helps! =)


Hi Abby!

Firstly, if the story is on hosted, you can always "view live" and get the URL pretty quickly. Though, I could put in a feature request for a little "Copy URL" button (I think we've had this request before).

One idea though - depending on your use case, we actually have a new feature in BLOX Email Reach that allows you to set up a rule (section, flag or keyword - or a combination thereof) and if you save the article, it automatically sends it to a Constant Contact list.

So it might be something like... anytime you have a new Enterprise story in the "news" section, send it to the list! Obviously, it is a really easy process. =)

More information on Automatic Alerts here.

These are awesome Meagen! Thank you for sharing!

Somewhat related to your idea... I have been struggling with the fact that the parallax photos don't show the caption or byline. I was going to add them on top of the photo, but then with some photos they could be hard to read, etc.

I think I was mostly leaning toward putting under the photo, much like full bleed. Do you guys agree?

I wonder if, with your idea, the subhead or text could be the caption? But again, you wouldn't want them to be always on top of the photo...

Or, maybe a pull quote could have a background image?

Hi Paul! We tested this out and were able to confirm this.

I've seen a few people on the internet reporting issues with input fields with Safari 11, and they turned off "Safari suggestions" and that fixed it. But, we tried that and it didn't work.

So, I'm going to report this to our developers and we'll check it out. Thanks!

Hi Paul!

I wasn't aware of this, no. Are you using Safari 11? That actually came out on Tuesday.