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Thanks, Christine. Going to submit a ticket for this. Y'all are wayyy smarter with this than we are :)

Thanks, Christine! My hope was to start using the sibling assets for all-NON photos so we could help our copy desk when they export story files out BLOX for print. Now when they do that, it's messy with all the related stories as child assets. 

The way sibling assets look in-line on our site right now look a little wonky with big red text. The summary siblings look great -- just like the default children assets. 

I know all this is pretty specific to our site so I don't mean to complicate things I promise! Thanks for all your hard work!

For example, Christine, we wanted to try it for our LSU sports coverage, this is how we could activate AMP just for LSU content?

Probably weird to "upvote" your own idea, but I have no shame, haha!

I get questions about this in our newsroom more and more often. I've also gotten feedback from my former colleagues in Dallas about how infinite scroll -- in this format -- has been a gamechanger for their site. As everyone continues to creatively search for more ways to serve ads, I think this would be a major hit for a lot of customers.

Same thinking for making a video player the lead element as well.

TN has a template developer working on this issue. It does involve CSS from what I'm told. Unsure if it's related to your observation.

Apparently it's occurring multiple ways -- by opening in web app mode, opening safari from scratch, clicking a link off Twitter, etc.