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Set up Flex on a url with a custom application skin

Craig V 4 years ago in BLOX CMS • updated by Sarah Taylor 4 years ago 1
Is it possible to set up a custom application skin with Flex so we can use it based off of the url?
Hi Craig!

A few issues with this:

1. You can only have one active global folder at a time so that could potentially cause problems. Technically Flex doesn't have dependencies on global, but I'm not sure if there would be conflicts. You definitely wouldn't get customizations and code from that global.

2. Your header and footer from Zen would not work on Flex. Flex would not ask for those files.

3. Any variables set on Zen would not work on Flex (we have purposefully namespaced them) and vise versa.

It MAY be theoretically possible (I haven't tried it) to have a Zen site running a non-standard Flex skin such as Live e-Edition (which has no header and footer or theme options like the rest of the site). However, since Zen and Flex Live e-Editions are very similar, I'm not sure why you'd want to.


Did you miss this month's First Thursday webinar?

anonymous 4 years ago • updated by Sarah Taylor 4 years ago 2
At our May 2015 customer webinar Christine Masters (director of product management) discussed exciting new features, updates and helpful tips. Topics included reformatting your front page for breaking news, new and improved workflow features and much more!

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Under review

Support for Disqus commenting

Michael Becker 6 years ago in BLOX CMS • updated by Sarah Taylor 4 years ago 5
Blox already has an option to turn on Facebook commenting. Now how about including the option for Disqus, which is an incredibly popular commenting system. 

Moreover, Disqus has built a single sign-on solution into its API that, though it's a bit complicated, could be integrated with Blox logins, making the experience seamless for users. 

At the very least, the option to use the free Disqus commenting should be one that's included. 
Under review

How do a I change the size of marketplace logos?

Nick 4 years ago in BLOX CMS • updated 4 years ago 2
I know I can change the size of the image with css but it stretches the logo beyond it's actual width. So is there a way to tell the back-end to display a logo with a larger width? I tried the "Logo preview widths" and uploaded a new image but it still gave me a width of 200px that ends in ".preview-200.jpg" When I change the number in that just to test the file it doesn't find an image.

Multiple print publications on single TCMS asset

Michael Becker 4 years ago in BLOX Total CMS • updated by Kevin M. Cox 4 years ago 1
I'm cross-posting this here at the suggestion of the customer service tech to see if other TotalCMS sites would be interested.

We have run into a situation where we have obituaries (in the form of article assets) that need to run on more than one day in print. Because of the budgeting limitations in TCMS, you can't assign an asset to more than one edition of a single publication -- just one print placement.

I'm arguing that TCMS should allow us to schedule a single asset to as many print placements as needed or desired, rather than us having to create multiple copies of an asset (each with its own publication placement) or simply having to remember to change the publication on the original asset day-to-day.

I'm all for a solution that keeps a single asset in the system, rather than duplicates, which run the risk of transferring over to the hosted Blox side, where multiples of the same asset could cause confusion for front-end users (especially in searches.) Imagine searching for grandma's obituary only to find three copies of it online, one for each day it ran in print -- each with its own comments and URL.

Anyone else second this? Have a suggested solution for our workflow?

CSS classes for blocks

I'm trying to center text in a text utility block, and it seems like that would be an available CSS class but I can't find documentation for what CSS classes work on blocks. (1) Can text be centered? (2) Where is the documentation for CSS classes for blocks?
In general, it depends on the block. Different blocks have different classes that could be used. Also, each block has its own block ID which creates a unique class that can be targeted.

One of my favorite techniques is that you can add a class into the settings of the block. So in this case, I'm adding a class called "center-text."

By itself, these custom classes don't do anything. It just inserts the class into the div created by the system.

You would have to create your own CSS which then targets that class, and possibly other items inside the block, to create your rules.

I would recommend using Firebug or Web Developer Tools to test out the rules and classes and see what specific items you need to target to accomplish what you want.

Let me know if this helps!

Under review

Sorting assets with children first

Nick 4 years ago in BLOX CMS • updated 4 years ago 2
I know there is a query rule to only display assets with child assets but is there(or will there be) a sorting rule to show assets with children first? Often times only a few of our local articles have photos. The editors are supposed to give articles priorities each night to ensure the ones with photos display at the top but that doesn't always happen. This can be troublesome, especially on the weekends when I'm much more concerned with enjoying my time off than checking BLOX.

Collection > Pesentation (Series)

Craig V 4 years ago in BLOX CMS 0
For collection with presentation set to (Series), is there a way to make the thumbnail size larger?

First Thursday Webinar

anonymous 4 years ago 0
At this month's FREE webinar, we'll discuss exciting new features, important updates and helpful tips. Topics will include:

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Add Survey Form to New Asset types

Christopher Aune 4 years ago in BLOX CMS • updated by Christine Masters (Director of Product Management) 4 years ago 4
I'd like to have an Input Form available thru BLOX CMS New Asset types so that community youth sports coaches can send in their box scores and provide a brief comment to a few simple questions. Questions would vary according to season/sport. About half of coaches feel comfortable sending me an email, but the other half need prodding to get a comment out of them -- an essential for a story. I don't have time to chase them all down each week. Here's an example that I helped set up with one local sports team:http://www.seiunitedsoccer.org/Default.aspx?tabid=846271. When they complete the form and hit the Submit button, the info should come to me in an email. This should actually be easier than the Poll asset that's already available, but the answers would vary instead of multiple choice. Can we do this? Thanks.
Hi Christopher!

Looking at your example, this looks very much like something you should be able to build with BLOX Forms. You can set up a new questionnaire, set yourself as the recipient, e-mail the link to the coaches. The submissions would then be e-mailed to you, as well as be available in the Form Submissions panel for review (in case you are on vacation and someone has to fill in, etc.)

Here are our docs:


Hope this helps! =)



Geolocations and Blocks

Craig V 4 years ago in BLOX CMS 0
What is the best way to query a block based off of someone's currently location. So if I am in Doylestown PA then the block would only bring in news tagged for Doylestown.

Webinar: Focus on (SEO)

anonymous 4 years ago • updated by Lois 4 years ago 1
At this month's FREE webinar, we'll discuss ways to ensure that your BLOX CMS site and content are search-optimized. Topics will include:

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Under review

Google Surveys + paywall integration

Christian Ramirez 4 years ago in BLOX CMS • updated by Rich Griffin | Product Manager (Product Manager) 4 years ago 3
I would like to see the ability to integrate both Google Consumer Surveys with a paywall. Offering a fallback to customers who would like to opt out of surveys for a subscription fee.

Fixed Navigation of E-edition Viewer

Alessia Alaimo 4 years ago in BLOX CMS 0
When viewing e-editions on all types of media, is there a way we can make navigation fixed? that way the viewer doesn't have to scroll to the top of page to go to next page?