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Chat Program Suggestions

Nancy Bennett 7 years ago in BLOX Total CMS updated by Kevin M. Cox 7 years ago 1

We miss the chat program from our old system. Can anyone suggest chat programs that they use with Total CMS?

Spell check suggestions are also welcome. Thank you.


TotalCMS sharepoint icons

Kevin M. Cox 7 years ago in BLOX Total CMS 0

Here is just a fun little feature request to give the TotalCMS appliance a little personality for Mac OS X users. This should have no effect on Windows users either way.

By default mounted server volumes show up with a generic icon.

Besides being boring, leaving it this way makes it harder to distinguish between mounted share points quickly. As such we’ve got custom icons assigned to all servers in the company.

I whipped up some Town News icons (and grabbed the purple one from the web) to use for our install as seen here:

Unfortunately every so often the appliance wipes them out and they revert back to generic icons.

So my “it doesn’t really matter at all, but would be kinda fun feature request” is for y’all to create some custom icons that are included on the appliance by default. That or just set it so the system will leave customer applied icons in place.

They are stored on the root of the share as an invisible INCS file just named: .VolumeIcon.icns

Let me know what y'all think!


AP flag overwrites bylines

Greg Wood 8 years ago in BLOX Total CMS updated by Christine Masters (Director of BLOX CMS) 7 years ago 7
We've noticed that whenever a story has an AP flag set, as all of our wire service stories do, anything in the byline field will get overwritten by "Associated Press." Often these are not even AP stories. Could there be a way to force the byline field onto the article if there is one? 


Article for subscribers about change to new Live E-Editions

Kevin M. Cox 7 years ago in BLOX Total CMS updated by Nick 7 years ago 3
Has Town News, or any of you customers, written an article for subscribers when switching from the "classic" E-Edition to the new Live Segmented E-Edition format?

We just made the change as part of our TotalCMS rollout and are getting a ton of user complains/confusion.

I'd like to write something up to explain the changes, but was hoping I wouldn't have to reinvent the wheel if one of y'all had already done something similar I could borrow from.


Remove the assets from the website through TCMS

Jennifer Perkins 7 years ago in BLOX Total CMS updated by Jon S. Winters 7 years ago 1
Does this KB article still describe the only way to remove assets from the website through TCMS: http://docs.townnews.com/kbpublisher/Whats-the-best-method-to-remove-assets-from-the-website-through-Total-CMS_8648.html

If so, are there plans to eventually make a demotion to a workflow step that removes the site tag also update the syndicated copy in the same way?

Compare Revisions

Kevin M. Cox 7 years ago in BLOX Total CMS 0
I'd love to see an enhancement to the Revisions pane that more easily shows what was changed between edits.

Right now it is fairly cumbersome to figure out what edits were made. If you're looking for edits to the text of a story you need to copy both versions into a third party editor and run a comparison.

In my mind there are a few options that could be added:
1. A simple summary that displays on mouse-over maybe. That reports something like:
10 characters added, 1 section added, 2 sections removed, 1 geolocation added, 1 child asset removed.

2. On the more advanced side, a Wiki style history panel that shows changes side by side for quick reference.

What do y'all think?

Editing tables in assets

Donald 7 years ago in BLOX Total CMS updated by Cathy 7 years ago 1
* Recommendation:
Use TinyMCE editor for assets in TCMS & CMS.

* What problem(s) does this idea solve?
The ability to insert columns or rows or delete columns or rows after a table is created.

* Why do you need this idea implemented?
We have rule sets which convert agate to tables, but sometimes some of the rows have no content. I can't expect a reporter or editor to open the HTML view and reliably know which <tr> & <td> tags to remove. Having the ability to click on a row and then select delete row is much easier and more reliable.

* How often would you use this feature?
Every night.

* How many people in your organization would use this feature?
All of the sports department (6) plus any of the reporters or editors, or clerks (another 19).

Workflow Alerts

Kevin M. Cox 7 years ago in BLOX Total CMS updated 7 years ago 3
Mark McKillop suggested I make a feature request on this, it came up as we're working on our TCMS install.

We'd like to see the ability to have alerts sent out as assets move through the workflow stages.

For instance, our editors could get an alert when ever a reporter promotes an article from Working to Ready to Edit. Conversely the reporter would get an alert if one of their articles was demoted from Ready to Edit back down to Working (letting them know that fixes are needed).

What do y'all think? Other TCMS users, how are y'all handling notifying reporters if their articles are kicked back from an editor needing changes?
Under review

Calendar shows private information

Gillan Ludlow 7 years ago in BLOX Total CMS updated by Christine Masters (Director of BLOX CMS) 7 years ago 1
Hi all,

I am trying to figure out what is going on with our calendar. I recently took over this position and a current staff member keeps telling me something is wrong with the calendar entries.

She says the info in red underneath "AUG 15 - GPF NIGHT OF KNIGHTS" has never shown up before. Now, I've gone back and adjusted the calendar schedule for this particular event to ONE date. But it still shows up and I have no idea how to get rid of it. It's happening to all of the calendar entries.


Section tags not showing up in Total CMS

Jen L 7 years ago in BLOX Total CMS updated by Christine Masters (Director of BLOX CMS) 7 years ago 2
We're adding several different columnist pages for a couple of different sections. Everything is showing up okay on the front end, but we can't add the new section tags to the article assets from within Total CMS, only when we're in CMS (the new section tags aren't even showing up as options in TCMS). I've never done this before, so I might be missing a step. Is there any way to add the tags to TCMS so we can put them on from there instead of having to go into CMS?

Multiple print publications on single TCMS asset

Michael Becker 7 years ago in BLOX Total CMS updated by Kevin M. Cox 7 years ago 1
I'm cross-posting this here at the suggestion of the customer service tech to see if other TotalCMS sites would be interested.

We have run into a situation where we have obituaries (in the form of article assets) that need to run on more than one day in print. Because of the budgeting limitations in TCMS, you can't assign an asset to more than one edition of a single publication -- just one print placement.

I'm arguing that TCMS should allow us to schedule a single asset to as many print placements as needed or desired, rather than us having to create multiple copies of an asset (each with its own publication placement) or simply having to remember to change the publication on the original asset day-to-day.

I'm all for a solution that keeps a single asset in the system, rather than duplicates, which run the risk of transferring over to the hosted Blox side, where multiples of the same asset could cause confusion for front-end users (especially in searches.) Imagine searching for grandma's obituary only to find three copies of it online, one for each day it ran in print -- each with its own comments and URL.

Anyone else second this? Have a suggested solution for our workflow?

Any one use FIDO?

TomS 8 years ago in BLOX Total CMS updated by Christine Masters (Director of BLOX CMS) 8 years ago 2
This only started when we switched to TCMS so I was wondering if other designers/layout in the community are using the MEI plugin FIDO? We are experiencing a lot of InDesign crashes when updating ads with this plugin. Both InDesign and FIDO are current and compatible. I've been told by TownNews that we are the only company using FIDO. Are any designers in the community using it and experiencing crashes? If not what is your workflow or programs used. 

We use the MEI program AdForce to dummy and lay ads on our InDesign template. We split the document into individual pages for the copy editors. When we get the pages back we use FIDO to update ads on the page that were missing or updated during the day. Then export our pages to pre-press and the web. The only solution we've tried is deleting the Ad Layer and re-lay the ads on the individual page before exporting. This takes longer and introduces a place for human error of importing the wrong page of ads. 


inline notes

Jennifer Perkins 8 years ago in BLOX Total CMS updated by Christine Masters (Director of BLOX CMS) 8 years ago 1
Are Inline Notes also coming to TCMS?
Hi Jennifer!

Yes, definitely! Our TotalCMS platform is on a different update schedule so will be a few months behind the "hosted" software. Also, individual newspaper sites choose when to do the updates to their local site, so that could vary the timeline as well.

But, it is definitely on the way! :)

Presentation mode for YouTube assets

Jennifer Perkins 8 years ago in BLOX Total CMS updated by Mike Stickler 8 years ago 5
We see that you can set an image asset to display in presentation mode: "showcase" and have it display prominently when it is a child asset of an article. Is there a way to do this with a child YouTube asset? If not (at this time), are there any plans to add presentation modes for YouTube or video assets?
We have a "workaround" way to do this - a custom property.

On the YouTube asset, go to "other" and then enter:

name = position

value = showcase

Available position values:

showcase = Large and on top of the article
top = Top of the media box
bottom = Bottom of the story

log_email for individual jobs

Craig V 8 years ago in BLOX Total CMS updated 8 years ago 4
Can I use log_email on individual jobs and not all jobs? If so, do I just add it to the job under destination tab?