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TownNews.com networks unaffected by OpenSSL Heartbleed bug

You've probably heard of the Heartbleed bug. It's a nasty OpenSSL vulnerability that can allow attackers to snoop on communications, steal data and impersonate users. (Visit Heartbleed.com for more information.)

TownNews.com partners can rest easy. We're happy to report that our network, and all sites hosted with us, are protected from this vulnerability.


Does anyone have any good examples of using "geolocations" on their site?

Jacki Gray 4 years ago • updated by Patrick Brannan 4 years ago 2
I'd like to set them up for our site. But I need to know how to best use the information.

New! Free and easy syndication add-on for BLOX CMS

Aaron Gillette (Marketing Director, TownNews.com) 4 years ago • updated by Jason Schaefer 4 years ago 1
Our new syndication tool lets you import articles, images, videos and more from third-party RSS feeds and other BLOX CMS sites, making it fast and easy to enrich your publication with custom channels of high-quality content. Learn more »

Thank You for the Forum

Mike Stickler 4 years ago • updated by Christine Masters (Director of Product Management) 4 years ago 1
When I suggested a user forum to TN a while back their initial response was "Sounds like a great idea Mike, Feel free to start one if you want." So I wasn't very hopeful for a TN created one. 

I was wrong. So thanks to the staff at TN for taking the time to put this together. Now that this is in place I hope we can get enough user participation to make it a great resource.