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how to ad javascript

John Michael 1 year ago 0

Join us | Get a sneak peek at our 2017 Roadmap

At our December 2016 customer webinar, Brad Ward, TownNews.com's CEO, will share our 2017 Products & Services Roadmap. He'll highlight recent changes and give you a sneak peek at the exciting innovations that are in the works for BLOX CMS, BLOX Total CMS, TownNews.com iQ, the Content Exchange and more.

Big things are coming in 2017! Join us on December 8th at 10:30 AM CST to learn more.


Hi Nick,

We aim to offer these "sneak peek" webinars regularly, but, at the moment, we don't plan to post them publicly. However, I'd be happy to send you the slide deck. In fact, it's on the way to you right now. :)

Thanks for your interest!

Aaron Gillette

Marketing director



Save search result format

Erica Smith 2 years ago • updated by Kevin M. Cox 1 year ago 2

In the editorial section of Blox or TCMS, I can add columns, shuffle them around and just generally set things up in a way that's efficient for me. (Sort by start date, for example, or mark which stories have a site tag or which stories are marked "do not publish.") The next time I log in, the page will be set up the same way. That's great.

But when I'm in an asset and want to add child or sibling assets, the search results don't have the same functionality — I can show or hide columns that are or aren't relevant, move columns around to find what I want, but the next time I go to add a child or sibling asset, I have to do to the same thing again. It's time-consuming and, well, annoying. Any chance of being able to save those search result formats on a user basis?


Multiple sort directions in search results

Brice Bertels 1 year ago 0

Say you want to create a search link that sorts by start_date and then, within each date, sort by priority. Not sure there is a way to do this now with search parameters.

Would be useful to continue where a block page leaves off with a search page.


Join us | Get more from your online classifieds!

Cherry Wolf (Marketing specialist) 1 year ago • updated 1 year ago 1

At our November 2016 webinar, Phil Pracht, product manager for

TownNews.com's classifieds and business directory offerings, will show

you what's new in BLOX Ad-Owl and BLOX Classifieds, and demonstrate easy

ways to drive more traffic to your classifieds. Topics will include:

  • Creating and editing classified ads with our all-new ad order entry wizard--you can even include images and upsells!
  • Boosting revenue with print-to-web ads, print upsells, and our new utility regions.
  • Optimizing your classifieds to lift traffic and SEO.
  • . . . and more!

Ready to upgrade your online classifieds? Join us on November 3rd at 10:30 AM CDT!


Is it possible for centerpiece photo on hub page to be a gallery instead of an image?

Kyle Whitfield 1 year ago • updated 1 year ago 1

So for example, on our site, we have a centerpiece headline, photo, summary text and related links ... it would be cool if there'd be a way to have the gallery arrows added to the top-right hand corner of the photo then, when a user clicks on the arrow, the a full-screen gallery would appear. I think it would allow for a lot of good interaction directly off a page that gets a ton of traffic. This something others have asked about?

Under review

Who else's site having issues for users on Safari w/ iOS 10+?

Kyle Whitfield 1 year ago • updated 1 year ago 13

As TN has advised, clearing the browser cache fixes the problem (we believe). Has anyone else had the issue? It looks like this. Any success sharing cache-clearing tips to readers?


Change google's description of my site

Cole 1 year ago • updated by Patrick O'Lone (Director of Software Development) 1 year ago 1

I want to change this description of my website, our school changed its name. What do I have to do to change this


You'll need to change the metadata of the pages being indexed. The help documentation provides some instruction on this:


If you've change the name of the paper and need the site's titles changed - you'll also need to update your settings in the menu entry Settings > Site. Note that it may take a bit for search engines to pick up the changes though there are ways to convince Google to check back a bit sooner in the webmaster tools for the site in Google:



Multiple pictures per article

Cole 1 year ago • updated by Robert 1 year ago 1

Is there a way to add more than one picture per article without them showing up in a gallery like view. For example, is there a way to have one image a the top of the story and another one midway through?


Feature request: Generating RSS feed from block

Kyle Whitfield 1 year ago 0

We'd love to explore the ability of creating an RSS feed based on a block or specific blocks' content, rather than keywords/section tags/etc.

This would give us more control over RSS feeds we want to use for our apps. Right now it's very difficult to curate our feeds with the best content we have on our apps.

For example, to stipulate what we want the lead story to be on our apps we have to give the story a keyword and make sure the story has the most recent start date/time compared to all other assets previously using that keyword. Sometimes we want to lead with a story that wasn't published in last hour or so.


Webinar recording: Optimizing your BLOX CMS site for speed

anonymous 2 years ago • updated by Kevin M. Cox 1 year ago 1

At our July customer webinar, Christine Masters, director of product management, highlighted insider tips and techniques to help make your BLOX CMS site faster than ever.

Highlights include:

  • Understanding the need for speed and how TownNews.com's Flex Templates can help reduce load times.
  • Evaluating ads, third-party add-ons and other factors that can slow down your site.
  • Creating page size & load time budgets to help you stay on track when designing pages and adding new content.
  • Future upgrades to rendering, CSS and much more!

For more information, download the slideshow or watch the recorded webinar today!



Maunette Loeks 2 years ago • updated by Christine Masters (Director of Product Management) 2 years ago 3

Recently, someone in our group mentioned they had gotten a list of sites on the four FLEX templates for easy comparison.

Wondering if anyone has that list to share? Thanks!


At the top of this doc, there is a link to previews of the various grids on Flex. Let me know if this is what you mean! :)



Looking to add a message board/forum to site

Jason Braverman 2 years ago • updated by Nick 2 years ago 2

We're trying to figure out the best (and free) way to implement a message board feature on our prep sports website. Anyone using one? Any suggestions? Thanks!


More than 10 "similar topics" when you search community.townnews posts

Nick 2 years ago • updated by Aaron Gillette (Marketing Director, TownNews.com) 2 years ago 3

Every time I have a question for this community I want to make sure someone else hasn't asked it before. I even did it for this question. /meta This may be beyond TownNews' ability to customize as I'm not sure about how UserEcho works. But when I search for something like "section tag" I know there have to be more than 10 results and I don't want to take away votes from another established topic by creating a new topic that could be exactly the same as a previous one.

So is this something that can be done?

I had another question/topic but I'll ask it another day. I decided today was the day I'd finally ask about more search results.


Hi Nick,

After some digging around in UserEcho's settings, I found that it is possible to change the number of "similar topics" displayed below the search box. It defaults to 10, but I've increased it to 20 for the time being. Let us know if this is more useful . . . increasing it beyond 20 started to make the page feel pretty unwieldy.

Aaron Gillette

Marketing director