Anyway way to preview pinned assets in blocks that haven't been published yet?

jemoryparker 5 years ago in BLOX CMS 0

We're trying to transition to a more curated homepage with our editors manually pinning stories to blocks. The goal is to have the homepage feel like a bespoke document everyday.

I've setup multiple layout schedules for each day of the week so that editors can plan out what future layouts will look like but it's difficult for them because if they pin an article to a block that has not been published yet (but is scheduled to be published by the time the layout schedule is active) it will not display that asset in the layout editor. They have to select View Site > Preview at a specific time.

Is there anyway to preview the site at a specific time within the layout editor? Or a way to force the display unpublished pinned items in the layout editor? Or another strategy worth considering for putting together daily, bespoke editions of the homepage?