Disable e-Newsletter Confirmation Email

Sally Reynolds 5 years ago in BLOX CMS updated by Ian McPhee 5 years ago 1

When a reader signs up to receive our e-newsletters (https://lancasteronline.com/newsletters/), they get an automated confirmation email from Constant Contact that must be clicked before they are actually subscribed to the e-newsletter. While I understand that the purpose is to maintain list quality, the unintended consequence is that the confirmation email is a barrier to the reader. As such, it reduces e-newsletter sign ups. The confirmation email is an optional feature in the Constant Contact platform. However, it is not optional for our e-newsletters due to (I assume) a decision made between Town News and Constant Contact. This affects all Town News clients who use the Constant Contact e-newsletter integration. I would like to ask for a reconsideration of this requirement, such that it be turned off globally for all of us.

I agree. We are about to launch two new newsletters soon and it would be great if signing up for them wasn't a two-step process, especially for people who are already subscribed to other newsletters.