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Mike Stickler 9 years ago in BLOX CMS updated by anonymous 8 years ago 18
Is it just me or is the form designer an exercise in frustration for everyone.
1. in the list of items you can drag and drop on the page why not add a "Text" Block and or an "HTML" Block so you can add text or images to the form where and how you want 
2. how about a total field so you dont have to put an explanation on every form (your total will be calculated and displayed on the next page. you will have the opportunity to review you order before your credit card is charged.)
3. you can attach a shipping charge to a product but there's no support for multiple shipping methods... So if I add an amount to shipping in the product setup then it always charges it. What if the customer wants to pickup the item. 
To be honest the designer is much better than it used to be it's just so easy to bump into its limitations. 
Under review
Hi Mike!

Thanks for your input! Yes, about a year ago we re-vamped the Forms application and made it much more intuitive. We now have pre-built drag-and-drop widgets to help make the creation of forms much easier.

And, while they do have lots of "purchasing" capabilities, it was never really meant to be a full-blown shopping cart experience. However, these are great feature requests! I will add them as tickets to be evaluated.


I'd love to see a "Text" or "HTML" block available for forms. We sometimes have to get creative finding spots in other form assets to include default text, we've been using empty Fieldsets to do this by leveraging the title and description areas.
Hey Kevin,

Just so I can use in my feature request write-up, do you have a good example of what you've done that (used empty fieldsets in order to get more instructional text).
Yep, the very bottom of this form has it:

The Terms section is simply an empty Fieldset with the name and description filled out.
Check out owbmi.com/taste
it's the form that led to the rant that led to the ticket where the response was "There's no way to do that" ... Not even an attempt by your tech to upsell us to a custom form. (ticket 575660 )
(Note I could do it as a custom form or even as a perform form, I just don't have the time) 

  • I have html in the label field of the product widget... It gives me an error that the label is too long in the cms but it works.
  • the background is done in css
  • I hate that the user has to check off a product AND set a quantity... would be so much easier for them if they just choose 
  • HTML in the product description
  • Because the total does not calculate on page I included an empty frameset with text "You order total will be calculated and presented on the next screen. Your credit card will not be charged until you have confirmed your order information there."  --- and YES if I don't we will get phone calls from people upset that we want to charge their credit card before giving them a total. 
  • Another empty frameset at the end of the form with "No refunds, no exchanges, not responsible for lost or stolen tickets, tickets must be presented at door for entry into cooking show."
  • I would have loved to have been able to setup two shipping methods (Pick Up, and US Mail) and enter the shipping cost for each method into each product. Then have a single drop down on the form for "Delivery Method:"
As I explained to our advertising director... Any monkey can setup a form in the form designer in less than an hour. However if I'm going to custom code an html or perform form, it's going to take significantly longer and I'm going to have to do it myself so how much time/money do you want to devote to a form that's only going to be live for a month.
We do have the ability to add descriptions and help text to fields and field sets - but I assume that you want those in their own field sets, which is why that's not useful in some of these situations?
What I'd like more than anything is the ability to ad a chunk of html... If it has to be in a frameset that's fine but my preference would be able to add some content (text, image, whatever) formatted the way I want. Most often it would probably just be "<p>here are my three lines of text</p>" but there are times when I might want a table or a list or an image or all of the above. 
While I'm on a roll... The cms allows you to drag and drop to reorder items in a list in numerous locations... (think list of child assets)... why can't I reorder the list of products in the product widget?
If you double click on the product area, you should be able to drag and drop the elements within that list interface.

I have in the past laid out what really should be text / html / images as a single image and then stuck that in the form so it would look the way I wanted... 

And just so you know I do appreciate you guys... The fact that I said "Any monkey can put together a form in less than an hour." really is a tribute to the fact to form designer works and is a lot more intuitive than it used to be. I just wish the was way for some of us trained monkeys to do a little more with it.
Haha, thanks Mike. Sounds like a new TownNews.com testimonial ad! =)
I swear i tried doing that for an hour (yes I exaggerate... good thing I'm not a news anchor) in chrome and it would not work....  (edit.) dragging and dropping the products in the product list... It would act like it wanted to highlight the text and I wouldn't get the blue arrows our to the side.

read your post so I open it up in firefox and bam works fine 
must be a browser thing so I try chrome again and it works fine...
I have noticed that in general dragging and dropping elements on the page seems to work consistently in firefox but is occasionally problematic in chrome
Townnews and the Owensboro Messenger-Inquirer... The best trained monkeys in the business bring you all the eyebrow galleries that are fit to print.

BTW I went back into the form and drag and drop stopped working ... no blue arrows or moving items items the product list or moving items (fields/framesets) on the form designer page. I switched form and still no go. I closed the tab and opened a new admin tab and it worked again.... (this was in chrome... my preferred browser)