Custom Fields / Custom Assets Support

Robert Dundon 5 years ago in BLOX CMS 0

Currently, we can create/update/delete editorial assets in the API. That's great!

Also, making custom JSON search components, we can control the search results returned in JSON a bit. That's great too!

However, unlike CMS systems like Directus, WordPress, and others, we cannot create custom fields. We can have custom properties, but they are not searchable, or have a input type (like date, integer, sting).

Currently you can search with and create content for per-defined fields for certain types of classifieds assets. COuld we have a way to create/modify custom fields for classifieds and editorial assets?

Current use case: Things like charts, school closings, and other various ideas for "custom"/pre-defined content types could be handled pretty easily in Blox CMS with little outside code (if at all).