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Syncing section tags in TCMS and CMS

Alex Hayes 5 years ago in BLOX Total CMS updated by Christine Masters (Director of BLOX CMS) 5 years ago 4

We recently upgraded to TCMS.

I added a new section tag in CMS and altered the block where i want to pull stuff into.However, that tag is not in TCMS. I have tried creating it in TCMS in hopes that it would go to CMS but it isn't there.

Please help! How do I get section tags to sync.

You have to just created them in both admin interfaces, named exactly the same, separately.

My workflow is to create it in Hosted CMS first, then create it in TCMS. This way when the newsroom creates or updates assets in TCMS those tags already exist on the website.

Syncing is an interesting idea, but I wouldn't want it on here. I have a lot of section tags that exist on the website but don't exist in TCMS and I wouldn't want them to.

Thanks for the quick response. I want to futher break down our high school sports so it is going to a general high school sports page but then a sport-specific one. It is easier for our team to choose two tags in TCMS then it would be for them to choose one in TCMS and then go to CMS. 

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Hey Alex, does Kevin's answer help? I agree with his answer as far as I understand your question. I'll give him the Answer check mark. =)

TotalCMS just sends sections over to the CMS, so you just want to get them to match. There are different panels in each that control what exists in each place. Normally you want them to be the same - but, maybe sometimes you don't! (Section tags from AP or other syndicated content that goes directly to the hosted platform may not need to be created in TotalCMS, for example).

If you have the TotalCMS user guide information, it is described in the "tags" section.

Also, as a side note, you can export your section tags from one platform (or one BLOX site!) and import them into another.

Sorry I could have been more clear.

Every section tag the newsroom is supposed to see is available for them in TCMS. This includes tags exactly like you are describing for sports and it's subsections. (Our newsroom doesn't even have login ability in Hosted CMS, TotalCMS is their whole world.)

I have other sections in Hosted CMS only that I use for organizing things like forms, contact pages, special sections, etc. that are only touched by the web staff. Having them show up in TCMS would just clutter things and lead to confusion in the newsroom.