Auto-save feature overwriting assets

Robert Armstrong 5 months ago in BLOX CMS • updated by Kevin M. Cox 4 months ago 3

One of my colleagues brought this to my attention. I have played around with it, and it seems like a proper bug with the auto-save feature.

User 1: Makes edits to asset, window closes without proper save/close (due to needing to leave/shutdown, crash or whatever.) User 1 doesn't return to asset.

User 2: Makes further edits to asset, even publishes.

User 1: Returns to asset manager. Auto-save restore dialogue pops up. User 1 restores asset. Asset now reverts back to User 1 edits, overwriting everything User 2 did. Text and edits revert, flags and other settings are also reverted, such as the do not publish flag being set again. Even if User 1 selects "cancel," the asset is overwritten.

Has anyone else encountered this? What do you do to get around it? I don't see an option to turn off auto-save (for a short-term fix.) Maybe there should be a warning that there is a newer version available? Options could be:

There is a new version available!

  • Discard
  • Restore (Overwrite)
  • Restore (New Asset)

Probably worth opening a support ticket on this one as well Robert to make sure it gets looked at quickly.


Wanted to give an update for anyone that has experienced this same issue. It has been let known from the devs that this is not a bug, but "working as intended."

Personally, I think any form of data loss is totally unacceptable. Especially from something that should be easily preventable through some back-end checks (e.g. "Is there a new version? If so, don't overwrite.")

Hopefully this can be looked into further and fixed.

I agree with you here Robert. This is concerning, especially: "Even if User 1 selects "cancel," the asset is overwritten."

There needs to be more checking in the background to make sure a potentially hours or days old auto-save doesn't overwrite something that has since been worked on by another employee.