Ban commenting not user

Nic Stevens 5 years ago in BLOX CMS updated by Kevin M. Cox 5 years ago 7
I would love to be able to ban someone from commenting without locking them out of their web site account. We have a column called It's Your Call and routinely we have people that push the limits and we have to determine if they are a subscriber BEFORE we can ban them because if they are a subscriber and we ban them, they can no longer get onto the web site. It's quite horrid to handle because you have to remember who you warned and once you banned them, you have to decide if you give them part of their subscription price back. We are on Facebook commenting for most things but this piece because we like the engagement it brings to the web site. Just sometimes don't like the comments. It's becoming weekly we have to make this call anymore. I also feel this would go along way to keep more and more pages with TownNews commenting instead of moving to Facebook commenting.

My experience has been the opposite. When we use the "Ban" button on users it blocks their commenting but doesn't stop them from getting behind the paywall.

How are you banning them. Maybe we are doing it a different way. We go to their user account and ban them. 

Sorry I missed this. Yes that is what we've done in the past. I guess I need to test it and make sure nothing has changed as far as the user experience.


It would also be nice when you deny a comment, it will send an email back to the commenter automatically and tell them the reason you've denied the comment.

Right now we are having to send the "we've denied your comment" email manually and this takes FOIREVER!

This is a good idea. We typically don't let people know a comment was denied though and we rarely get questioned about it because I think for the most part they know why already.

Ha Ha Ha I wish that were the case. We have to send out a list of the denied comments with the parts that make them a violation. It's partly our fault because we let so much go for so long.

Ouch. Somewhat on topic, we had to put a "Real Name" policy in place back in 2015 when comments started getting out of hand, it really helped: https://www.galvnews.com/realname/