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Ads block text

dakota 2 months ago • updated 2 months ago 2

We've received many, many complaints that ads block out text in the phone app. We've contacted customer service but nothing was done. This is a real issue for our phone users.

Under review

Hi Dakota! We'll need more information... is the the mobile version of your website? Or in a native app? And if it is the native app, is it the TownNews Now App?

Also, if it is a TownNews App or webpage, can you give an example page? I looked at your website and didn't immediately see any ads that were covering anything. 

It's on the mobile version of our website -- we don't use any apps. I'm not sure if it happens on every phone, but it happens on my iPhone SE. Oddly enough, if you start looking at other pages on the site it can sometimes correct itself. Here's what it looks like: