Feature Request for UI: Shorten browser tab titles

Andrea 5 years ago in BLOX CMS updated 5 years ago 2

I manage multiple sites and have multiple tabs open every day on two monitors. 

With the new interface, browser tab titles are longer and often hide the site they belong to (since the sitename is listed at the end of the browser tab title). 

If "Editorial" could be abbreviated to "Ed.", as well as taking out the space before and after the "/", would definitely help clear up some real estate on the browser tab titles. 

Design = Des. 
Statistics = Stats.

If this annoys you, too, please click the vote button below to try to get this changed sooner instead of later. 


What about just switching it back so the site is at the front?

Either is fine with me. My memory was telling me the site was at the end, though. 

We do have one site address that is pretty long -- it would probably push Editorial/Asset out of view.