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Does anyone use Flickr?

Christine Masters (Director of BLOX CMS) 5 years ago in BLOX CMS updated 5 years ago 3

I'm considering removing Flickr from the social accounts area on the User Profile page. It has changed a lot, been sold to SmugMug, getting rid of 1 TB of free storage, etc. We have very little use of it currently in user accounts.

Is it important to anyone - maybe photographers? - who would still want it?

I don't even use my personal account anymore. I know we don't have a brand account, so it's not something we would miss.

Employees do not use it here and never have.

Under review

We'll still allow it on our "Social Links" blocks, and stuff like that (though I'll need to remove Google+) but I will go ahead and remove it from the user profile data.