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Are we giving too much information in our notifications?

Bob Rose 4 years ago in BLOX CMS updated by Christine Masters (Director of BLOX CMS) 4 years ago 1

When we do alerts through the notifier on the NOW apps, we find that frequently there is not enough space in the headline, and the full summary frequently gives enough information that there is little incentive to click through.

What if ... instead, we eliminated the summary field in the alerts and allowed the headlines to wrap? That way users would see the full headline and we wouldn't have to rewrite them for the alerts.

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This would indeed solve the problem with the wrapping headlines. I am a bit nervous about this because in terms of the interface, it would be a bit confusing to the reporter / admin user. They would need to know that in this specific case, the headline was the message and the message wasn't used. If they wanted to re-write the headline to be more specific, they would need to know that the headline wasn't the headline, but the headline was the message. 

In the "code" it is sending the "title" and the "message." The title is optional. But, I would feel uneasy making the "message" the title in just this one case, if that makes sense.

In addition, it is possible that Apple could change the display of the message in the future, and the fact that we've changed the meaning of "title" and "message" could backfire.

That being said, I agree with the premise of your post. I will talk to our dev team to see if they have any ideas on how we can communicate this clearly.