Is there a way to designate assets not to be included in search results?

Dustin B. 1 month ago in BLOX CMS updated by Kevin M. Cox 1 month ago 1

It seems silly to have all assets be displayed on the search results list, especially if some are just images (and especially if some of those images have funny/incomplete titles). Also, we create some assets specifically for our e-mail newsletter, and those are not to be displayed anywhere else on our website, except in the newsletter, and those are showing up in the search results as well.

There must be some way to designate an asset to not be "searchable". Please advise. Thank you!

Sounds like the new BLOX Media Library might be exactly what you're looking for in regards to those e-mail newsletter specific images.


Right now we're using FTP access to the App directory on the site to upload static images like those.