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Curious if any sites are having success with doing paid advertorials or sponsored articles, and if so, how do you separate them from news content or do you have a specific place on site where they are placed?

We do have advertorial content on our site. I don't know how successful it has been. For that you'd have to talk to someone in our advertising department.

As for placement we have it showing up in our front page grid (https://lancasteronline.com/), but we created a special block to allow the sponsored content to stay in place for 24 hours while the regular news articles flow through the grid. When there is no sponsored content, the spaces just fill in with regular news.

So the 2nd, 7th, 13th today happen to have sponsored content. And those articles will stay essentially pinned in those spots for 24 hours. If the 24 hours for one in the 2nd spot ends before the others, it will drop out and the 7th will move into the 2nd spot, and the 13th will move up to the 7th spot. When the 24 hours is up for all of them, the grid will just have our regular most recent news stories in all of the spots.

If you have any questions about what we did, I'd be happy to answer them.

We have three publications that are doing sponsored content. The Bend Bulletin has been doing it for a while and they have a section for it and it's posted to the front top of their articles (circled in red) - not sure how long it is displayed in that area. 

The other publication that just started last month was The Astorian. They have a section dedicated to the sponsored content and a carousel of the sponsored content on the front of the site. Each advertiser gets a landing page and overall there are topic pages. There's also a print component to this and social media. 

Capital Press our agricultural publication has been doing it for a while, but it's more in the form of paid press releases. They get their own section and there's a carousel on the front of the site. 

Here's the advertising contact for each of the publications if you want to ask questions on that side.

Bend Bulletin - Cody Hooper, Digital Sales Manager - chooper@bendbulletin.com

The Astorian - Kari Borgen, Publisher - kborgen@dailyastorian.com

Capital Press - Kevin  Blodgett, Advertising Director - kblodgett@capitalpress.com

Hope this helps.

These were very helpful, thank you!

anyone have any example packages with rates? I would love to collaborate.