Omit categories of items from search

KetchikanJ 3 years ago in BLOX CMS updated 3 years ago 0

An option to prevent the following from appearing in blank/null searches 

or searches including Articles + Images: 

• Photos that are both child assets and don't have a section tag assigned to them •

Image 674


1. What problem(s) does this idea solve?


Prevents duplicate photo resources from being displayed (often alongside each other) in searches. 


There are photo child assets that are technically required to have titles, those are usually the assets whose titles we want the least visible. Asset titles are effectively hidden unless a search is performed.

2. How often would you use this feature?


When I run a blank/null search to chronologically see what users will see.


I sometimes direct users to blank/null searches when they want to see a chronological list of content.

3. How many people in your organization would use this feature?


I would likely be the only one internally.