Have your newsletter open rates plunged?

Jesus Sanchez 3 weeks ago in BLOX CMS updated by Stuart Bishop 2 weeks ago 4

Hello. Beginning in the middle of December, the open rates on our newsletters composed on Blox and sent through Constant Contact have plunged from about 50% to the low single digits. This is only happening with the newsletters we create in Blox. The newsletters that we create and send directly from Constant Contact still have those high open rates. I've contacted Blox support and Constant Contact support but so far the problem continues. Has anyone else using Blox and Constant Contact faced this same issue?

We opened a ticket with TN about this. Apparently the tracking pixel is missing from the newsletters. TN says, "Product and Dev on their side are aware of the issue and are in conversation with Constant Contact to get things moving!" TN said they would let us know when they have more info.

We also have ticket open with TN because some of our newsletters are not getting sent at their scheduled times. TN said they think this is the result of a change Constant Contact made to their API. TN are working on figuring out exactly what the error is. After they do that, they can work with Constant Contact to fix it. In the meantime, they have told us that we will have to manually send any newsletters that don't get sent out automatically.

HI, Maureen. I hope this gets resolved soon because advertisers ask about open rates. We also noticed that there's no longer a 10-minute buffer to recall newsletters through Blox. This all happened around the same time. I've only received piecemeal info from TN -- no one mentioned a missing tracking pixel to me.

This is good to know as we are also getting exactly the same open and click rates on each of our newsletters which is almost mathematically impossible. 

Yes, it's moderatley terrible. No emails sending here and not up to speed on how to do it manually eyt.