Workflow Alerts

Kevin M. Cox 8 years ago in BLOX Total CMS updated 8 years ago 3
Mark McKillop suggested I make a feature request on this, it came up as we're working on our TCMS install.

We'd like to see the ability to have alerts sent out as assets move through the workflow stages.

For instance, our editors could get an alert when ever a reporter promotes an article from Working to Ready to Edit. Conversely the reporter would get an alert if one of their articles was demoted from Ready to Edit back down to Working (letting them know that fixes are needed).

What do y'all think? Other TCMS users, how are y'all handling notifying reporters if their articles are kicked back from an editor needing changes?
We've requested something similar but with the page tracker. So when an editor finishes a page it will notify pre-press that the page is ready.
There wold be several ways to handle a notification. For me, as the Product Architect, I'm concerned about sending out too many requests and sending them to the wrong people. I have wanted to add a 'Watch' feature that would alert users based upon assets being found by search. Thus a user could create a search and then sign up for notifications of that search. That would work for Kevin's request (and prevent over notification). If some more people respond here, I'll add the feature request.
Page Tracker doesn't yet have searching for pages, but the 0.9.0 version of Page Tracker will add a Soft Proofing function that would make it easier to implement what Nick is asking for. As of today Page Tracker 0.7.0 has been in use for many months. Page Tracker 0.8.0 should be available for Beta on 25 August 2015. Development on the 0.9.0 version hasn't begun.
The Watch feature sounds like a good option.