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Mike Stickler 10 years ago in BLOX CMS updated 8 years ago 11
Does anyone know of a way for link assets to open in a new tab?
Update: This question arose because I'm testing out the new syndication features and when I imported the rss feed it created all these nice shiny link assets. I like that they are link assets as it provides a quick and easy way to segregate them from most of my other content. And I was impressed that it pulled over images and created previews. 

There we a couple of things that rained on my parade 
1. the links open in the current tab/window. I would love to be able to set a custom property on the block or on the assets and have them open in another tab.
2. the previews created do not follow the "generated preview rules" and links are not an asset type you can select for these rules so the image size was much to large for my block. 
Would love to be able to set a custom property on a block so all links in it open in a new tab/window. Less preferable would be "open link in new tab/window" option on the asset itself.
Hey Mike,
I think this is set on block that displays the link using the custom title_opens_new_window option.

Asset Index: Lead Presentation has an example of that option.


(I would like to set it on the asset myself so I can run the link assets from AP into my regular content and get rid of my AP only block)
Thanks man, that worked like a charm.

I had seen the title_opens_new_window in the docs but didn't even try it because of the documentation. Apparently the following documentation is incorrect. 


Setting this property to 'true' will open the link in a new window. Default is 'false'.
This property only affects the title of the block - it does not affect links generated in other parts of the block."

I agree the best solution would be to allow you to set it on an asset with an "override" available on the block if you wanted all the links open in the current or new window. 
We have a feature request in on this: ability to tell a link asset to open in a new window. A second feature would be to tell the Syndication manager to set that checkbox on all link assets it creates.
So the third feature request would be to have links follow the "generated previews" rules... (So if I link to nasa's photo of the day I don't display an image larger than the layout of the page.)
Well it looks like they added the feature to syndication manager... The first time I tried it didn't work, but a support call corrected the problem. Still doesn't address the underlying issue of why you can't create a link asset and specify "New Tab" in the asset properties.

So I'm back to wanting to setup a block full of link assets. They open external sites and I don't want them to do that in the current window.

I would simply set the property on the block like jason mentioned... Except I moved to flex... and you can type in properties.

Why is something so basic as open my link in the current window or a new window so freaking hard?
Hi Mike!

This is actually a feature in our next software release, tentatively scheduled for next week. Each link asset will now support the ability to independently have its own "open in new window" status.

Syndication (as you saw) also supports this, and will check this box through the syndication process.

It isn't so much that it is hard, just that we had to change several different template applications, plus several different software applications to coordinate and support the tiny checkbox. =)
Sorry for the frustration, but between related assets, navigation blocks, utility link blocks, etc you have links within the site covered six ways to Sunday... Link assets really make sense for external links and like most site managers I prefer external links open in their own tab.

Flex does throw a wrinkle into this because most phone users aren't necessarily sure how to switch tabs or even if they have multiple tabs open.