Multiple print publications on single TCMS asset

Michael Becker 8 years ago in BLOX Total CMS updated by Kevin M. Cox 8 years ago 1
I'm cross-posting this here at the suggestion of the customer service tech to see if other TotalCMS sites would be interested.

We have run into a situation where we have obituaries (in the form of article assets) that need to run on more than one day in print. Because of the budgeting limitations in TCMS, you can't assign an asset to more than one edition of a single publication -- just one print placement.

I'm arguing that TCMS should allow us to schedule a single asset to as many print placements as needed or desired, rather than us having to create multiple copies of an asset (each with its own publication placement) or simply having to remember to change the publication on the original asset day-to-day.

I'm all for a solution that keeps a single asset in the system, rather than duplicates, which run the risk of transferring over to the hosted Blox side, where multiples of the same asset could cause confusion for front-end users (especially in searches.) Imagine searching for grandma's obituary only to find three copies of it online, one for each day it ran in print -- each with its own comments and URL.

Anyone else second this? Have a suggested solution for our workflow?
We're not using TCMS, but this seems like a really solid idea.