Leverage browser caching

Craig V 9 years ago in BLOX CMS updated by Patrick O'Lone (Director of Software Development) 9 years ago 4
Does anyone know if we have access to .htaccess file in blox to leverage browser caching
Under review
We do not provide .htaccess support in the BLOX platform. All browser caching optimizations are handled within the engine based on how the content can be accessed. What issue are you trying to address? If something should be caching and it is not, we can explore what can be done to improve that aspect of the system.
On http://www.webpagetest.org we always are graded an F in this category.
I tested a couple of the sites - you can improve the score of the browser caching by using the CDN (cms.page.cdn) module on global resources that were added to the site outside of the standard templates. Most of the 3rd party images and no expire content items can't be fixed unless you remove those elements from your sites (Twitter, Facebook, ad networks, etc.). Some of the statically linked images on your site are not optimal as well - you may want to bring those into Photoshop and save them using the lowest possible settings without sacrificing visual appeal. 

Another tool that can help is the PageSpeed Insights site, which is similar to that testing site but tends to be faster:


If you have some specific items in the tests you would like to review, let us know!