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Remove breadcrumbs from page

Matt Connolly - WCI 9 years ago in BLOX CMS updated by Jason Schaefer 9 years ago 2
Is there an easy way to remove breadcrumbs from a specific page. I still want them for the majority of them, but would like to remove them on pages I scrape to get the "site template" (i.e. for things like e-mail templates and uPickEm contests). I know I can hide this in CSS, but would like to do it in BLOX
Under review
You could customize the core_base_library_breadcrumbs macro to give it logic that keeps it from certain URLs.

CSS would probably be much easier though... You can target CSS to a specific section by targeted the section class inside the html-container div.
CSS is okay if you are doing one or two pages... but when you are doing many it gets tedious. It should be a url custom property that is inherited.