Parse.ly analytics?

Elizabeth Stephens 2 years ago in BLOX CMS • updated 1 year ago 5

Is anyone using Parse.ly as an additional analytics tool? We're getting a six-month trial, but I'm struggling to get the necessary code working on our site through TownNews support. I thought I'd see if anyone had added it I could take a look at how it was added.

Are you still having trouble getting this set up? We use parse.ly, so maybe I could help. We're currently on Flex, but we did have it set up on Zen before we switched over.


Thanks Maureen! We got it worked out. Although I've realized it's only on articles, so we're not getting data on our photo galleries and some other smaller stuff so I still need to circle back on that.

Elizabeth, did you ever get parse.ly implemented on photo galleries? We are needing to do the same.

What code do you need to add to your site, and do you have a template-certified person locally to do it for you?

Sorry I didn't respond earlier. I have template access, but I ended up having the developers work on it to get the script reading the right content.