Batch edit utility - change more than 25 at a time

Sara Hardison 4 years ago in BLOX CMS • updated by Kevin M. Cox 9 months ago 8
We have a lot of section tags with hundreds of assets assigned that we are moving around and do change from time to time. The batch edit tool is great, but the limit to only changing 25 at a time makes it quite difficult when we are dealing with the number of assets we are. Would be great to have option to change number of assets you want to change at a time, so 25, 50, 100..etc.
Big thumbs up. I've actually had this in as a feature request since December 1, 2014. (Ticket # 571035)
I completely agree. There needs to be a job function to allow a formula such as (if section_tag="local" then change section_tag="local_news") or something like that. I know we had a feature with our previous CMS, Mediaspan(now NewsCycle) and it was very handy.

I don't think we'll ever see more than 25 assets on the search results page, and I understand and agree with that number as it's set to make the search fast. But a mass changing of assets should be doable through a job, I would think. But from what I understand you need UTL access to make jobs.

Bumping this back up simply due to how much time it would save me on a weekly basis.

Every single time I build a photo gallery (collection) with more than 25 photos it requires entirely more clicking around then it should.

Bumping this one again because being able to see and work with more than 25 assets at a time would save us a ton of time.

Agree +5. Also need the ability to batch edit cutlines on photos. Again, if you have a large gallery with a generic cutline on most of them, it stinks to open 100 photos and paste it into every one.

Paul, we're using TotalCMS and have photographers upload images into it via FTP (and a Job folder on the appliance).

One nice thing we've found is that if we re-upload a photo with the same filename it will update the original instead of creating a new asset. This way our photographers can simply update their cutlines in a batch using Photo Mechanic and FTP them again.

The only downside to this is that is will undo any changes made to sections, but at least we can then batch change those again.

We do probably, 1,800 - 2,500 stringer or submitted event photos a month. It's worth over 750,000 page views to us so we do it gladly, but the FTP method you are talking about isn't the best as they never touch photoshop, photo mechanic or anything else. We really need to batch them.

That is a big chunk of photos! I could see the batch caption edit being useful, but hopefully if implemented it could be a configurable option. I can see our staff really messing up a group of cutlines on accident if they had that feature.