Keywords shooting blanks (bug)

Lindy Bazner 9 years ago in BLOX CMS updated by Kevin M. Cox 6 years ago 8

I intend to send this as a ticket too, but we've discovered that when adding a keyword to an asset that there is a bug that creates a new blank keyword field below the keyword that you've added. Blox automatically saves all keywords typed into these fields, so I discovered even the blank ones are automatically saved. Yesterday, I cleaned out HUNDREDS of blank keywords out of our keyword list in the admin. I wanted to mention it for anyone else noticing that the keyword auto-dropdown isn't working quite right.

Under review
Hi Lindy!

Thanks for letting us know. They have submitted a bug ticket about this issue. We will check into it. =)


This is happening with us too. Is there some way keywords with no text can be automatically deleted? Currently we have 262 pages of keywords and about 250 of those are blank.

This problem is driving me crazy as well and I keep forgetting to post about it!

Is this bug still not patched after two years?


I second Kevin — this has been an annoying bug for several years. Every month, I go through a kill a few hundred of them in Blox and TCMS. Break out your party hats: the end-of-the-month purge starts Monday!


The fix for this should be released next week.

Great. Any idea how long it'll take to filter down to Total CMS?