Feature Request: Title Caps in Footers for Sections and Geolocations

Kevin M. Cox 8 years ago in BLOX CMS updated 8 years ago 2

We have several Sections as well as numerous cities we cover that are two words. Right now in the footer of our site only the first of the two words is capitalized while the second is not.

See “High school” and “League city” below.

Image 112

To me the section is only slightly annoying while the city name is a bigger problem. To the average reader it is going to appear that we made a mistake and typed the name of the city incorrectly.

My feature request would be for the Sections and Geolocations in the footer to use title caps. e.g. High School and League City.

Let me know what y’al think, thanks.

Thanks Michael, that was just the thing we needed. It is in place on our site and looks great.