Web preview in TotalCMS

Elizabeth Stephens 7 years ago in BLOX Total CMS updated by Kim Mason BGDN 7 years ago 1

We move to TotalCMS in May, and based on my research and talking with our project manager, we won't have the same ability to preview the asset online that we do in Blox CMS.

We use the preview button on almost every asset. We find it very helpful when embedding items or when we want to know how a box or quote will look or how long a headline looks. Since adding the site tag in TotalCMS publishes it, we don't get the same opportunity to check it before it publishes. This was one of the things we were most excited about in our move to Blox CMS, so it feels like we take a step backward if we lose it.

Posted this as a feature request and sharing here to get support.

We have been hoping to move to TotalCMS asap. But, this would also be a significant negative for us. Enough so that we might postpone switching until this feature works.