Feature request: Add sibling or child assets from multiple search pages

Erica Smith 7 years ago in BLOX Total CMS updated by Kevin M. Cox 2 years ago 10

If a user searches for assets to be used as sibling or child assets and the desired assets are on multiple pages, there's no easy way to add them to the story. You have to add the assets you want from Page 1. Then open the search again, search for the assets you want, go to Page 2, add the assets you want from that page. Want more? Repeat that process for every page of search results.

This is time consuming (and annoying). To change it, I've submitted a feature request. Help me make it a reality.


This would be incredibly helpful especially for searches that are unusually specific.


The other solution that would work in my mind is the ability to see more than 25 results on a single page. I do have a feature request in for this.

I run into the most when trying to build photo galleries with more than 25 images.


Maybe they could give us an option to display more than 25 results with the understanding that the search will be slower. This would alleviate the sting of having to batch edit and adding more than 25 child assets(or at least child assets spread out over multiple search pages).


Even slower results display would be faster then having to repeat the steps over and over.

I'd settle for incremental results options (25, 50, 75, 100, etc.) but honestly don't see why the interface couldn't allow you to specify the exact number of results you want to see like is pretty standard these days.

Bumping this because it would save us so much time!

However this feature is not available in TotalCMS, which is the category this feature request was made under. Hoping it arrives soon...

Ask and ye shall receive. Nice to see this arrive in TCMS today in a simple no-reboot update.