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Kevin M. Cox 7 years ago in BLOX CMS updated 6 years ago 10

I’m looking for some examples of nicely done Paywall screens. You know, the one that comes up below the two preview paragraphs when a non-subscriber hits the wall.

We’ve realized that our standard one is pretty boring and we’d like to spice it up.

One example that we like is at the Lufkin Daily News, nice use of colors and logos.

The page you get taken to after clicking “View Offers” is nice as well.

So what about y’all, has anybody else spiced up their Paywall? I’d love to see some examples.


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Hi Kevin,

While we do offer the ability to customize the paywall display in the Zen template platform. It was difficult to change default paywall display options there due to the non-responsive nature of that platform. We have been able however in the Flex platform to offer some options to display service offerings directly with the paywall as well as a modal window option to display them in. I will include a couple of screen shots here of some of the options available for paywall display out of the box.

Before Logging in there is an option to display in a modal window:

After signing in if you do not have a subscription you have the option to display the service offerings in an accordion panel right in the modal:

We just made the switch to Flex. Where can we customize the service offerings that are displayed?

However the main thing that needs customization is this part that is displayed below the article:


If you have template access, you can make some changes to the box that gets displayed below the article. Currently we only require registration not a paid subscription, but we have customized the box to include a logo and some additional text.


This has worked well for us. We need to change the photo for spring sports though.

By the way, we charge $17 a month for full access. I was in an API study group a few years ago and we found that people who want digital were not very price sensitive. So we set it to the same as print.

Working very well.


Hi Kevin,

These metering messages/paywall screens have macros that can be re-defined to do the customization such as these. This doc explains them:


If you have further questions please feel free to call our support team at 800-293-9576 and they will be able to help you out.

Thanks Rich.

Any hope of this getting simplified in the future? It would be great if there was an area that non-certified folks could simply edit some HTML to be used in these places and would really open up the great potential these screens have to drive Day Passes and Subscriptions to more Town News customers.


We do have plans to have all of the configuration and messaging for the metering/paywall in the subscription admin UI. I don't have a timeline for it however.

Glad to hear it is in the plans. That initial screen readers without a subscription see is often times the only chance most papers have to convert a non-subscriber.