Global Regions Displaying only on detail pages and not the index page

Sarah McCraley 7 years ago updated by Christine Masters (Director of BLOX CMS) 7 years ago 3

Does any one know if there is a way to have a block within a global region appear only on the detail page and to be hidden on the index page. Also is there anyway to have a global region be sticky on a detail page?


Hi Sarah!

We actually have this on our roadmap for the near future. We are working on "virtual regions" where you can place blocks in places that you can't necessarily see in the block editor. Article regions, business directory details pages, Calendar pages, etc.

Is there a particular spot you're looking for and I can see if it is in the current plan?

That is great. We were trying to explore options for a navigation banner that would full screen across the top of detail pages, but I can see this being a useful application in the places you mentioned. I imagine using something to hold event listings or top stories.

What would be the contents of this "navigation banner"? Are we talking about actual navigation, like, to help people get back to their section pages, etc.?

Right now, we do have ways to put CODE (or static HTML) on details pages. We have something called "optional macros" or "include points" where we are able to inject code in specific situations. If that would work for you, feel free to submit a ticket to Customer Support (mention me by name so I can explain what I'm talking about if needed :).

If you're looking to place an AD or a BLOCK (with assets generated from the CMS) on a details page, that's when you would most likely need a block region, would would likely need this virtual regions option (that is on our roadmap).