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Big gaps between Group - Access levels

Nick 7 years ago in BLOX CMS updated 7 years ago 2

We needed an employee to have access to the subscriptions area of the site and it makes sense to also give that person access to users/accounts. Access to subscriptions is fine but to get access to users/accounts you have to be a manager. And as a manager you can do just about anything you want on the site. That's a HUGE gap in privilege.

Is there some way to allow someone to change user info without giving them the ability to move template blocks around, run jobs and change workflows?

I think a good way to approach this would be to create a "Circulation" or "User management" access level. This would give them the ability to start online subscriptions, access transactions and change user account info.

Under review

Hi Nick

This is actually addressed in 1.27.0 - which should be released sometime in the next few weeks. Once it's released you can contact our training department and they can give you some additional information on what's changed with user accounts and groups.