Mugshots and mobile

Erica Smith 7 years ago updated by Rebecca Fellenbaum 7 years ago 1

The mugshot presentation style is great for desktop users, but awful for mobile users, and we have more mobile users than desktop.

Here's what I mean by awful: Say you have a story with two photos and two mugshots (using the mugshot presentation style on those two photo assets).

Desktop view: Headline, two photos at the top of the story in a gallery format, two mugshots in the left rail and the story in the larger portion of the page.

Mobile view: Headline, mugshot, mugshot (they're stacked), photos in a gallery format, then the story. You're in real trouble if you have a story with more than a couple of mugshots.

I want to change this — and I think it should be a global change. Ideally, on mobile the mugshots would be part of the photo gallery — the order in which they're added as child assets would be the order they appear in the mobile photo gallery.

Anyone else in favor?


I totally agree, although I've seen the mugshots stacked at the bottom of the article on a tablet. Not great either way!