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Has anyone switched their entire site over to SSL yet?

Erica Smith 7 years ago in BLOX CMS updated by Donald 7 years ago 3

We're getting ready to do this. Just looking to see if anyone else has, and what, if any, problems or complications they ran into.

Under review

Hey Erica!

We've actually been working on this internally at TownNews.com for a few years. I believe we have everything ready (in terms of front-end built-in code) on our side for a test of this, but most sites have third-party vendors or ad networks who are not yet ready.

If this is something you're interested in, and want to try it out, I can send you a separate email and we can discuss.



I'll be looking forward to hearing how this goes Erica. I'd like to make the same move down the road.

We have 3rd-party vendors which I have to disable when the site is secure (like form pages). If we were to switch to an entirely secure site, we'd loose some revenue. On the flip side, vendors should be able to provide a secure solution to retain businness.