Feature request: URL/titles for SEO

Kyle Whitfield 1 year ago in BLOX CMS • updated 1 month ago 9

Instead of URLs picking up an asset's title then generating new URLs when titles are changed, could we consider an SEO title field where an editor could manually define a phrase that would appear in a URL? And the URL wouldn't change as the asset's headline changes?

Example: Story about mass shooting in Baton Rouge

SEO/URL title: Baton Rouge mall shooting
Article asset title: 5 dead in Baton Rouge mall shooting

URL (that wouldn't change): theadvocate.com/baton_rouge/news/baton_rouge_mall_shooting/XYZABC123.html

Right now we shy away from opting for titles in URLs b/c of the mess it creates with multiple URLs per asset.

This would be used very often by us.

This is a great idea, very similar to the permalink dialog in Wordpress.

Bumping this idea. Another one we feel like would be a big advantage. We don't include titles in URLs right now b/c BLOX generates new URLs every time you change the headline. Even though BLOX smartly uses canonical URLs, we're told that's still not optimal for SEO. And it creates an analytics nightmare :(

Thirded.  The way Blox URLs work now is a huge PITA, makes it tough to link, permalink, or deep link, and breaks one of the most basic UI conventions of the web.  Of course, it looks like it would take a major re-architect of the CMS to do it right, so I'm not holding my breath. 

Other parts of the URL would be indeed difficult, but the part in the middle (where the title is) is virtualized, so it can be changed. =)

Love this idea. Tracking analytics of one story with multiple headlines isn't practical on the day-to-day.


A URL title field will be included in a future release (due out in a few months).

It is empty by default, indicating BC behavior.

Then you just type in some words, like "one two three four" and then at save time it cleans them up to "clean-two-three-four." That is then used as the asset title in the URL (if you have titles in URLs enabled).

This "URL Title" is then frozen, regardless of whether the headline changes.

All references to this URL (such as links from front pages, etc.) would use this new URL.

Again, the dev is done on this and it is about to go to QA.. so it will probably be available in Q2.

Let me know what you think!

As I was typing this, I could hear Kyle's voice in my head saying, "This is great, but can it be set with the title automatically?" So, I've added a request for that. I will let you know whether it is difficult or if it may be added.

Thanks, Christine. Definitely interested in it being automatic. A couple other thoughts?

-- Could the field actually exist beneath the title field like in Kevin Cox's Wordpress example?
-- Would this feature mean that BLOX URLs will no longer change when the headline is changed (assuming you have the URL option enabled in BLOX).

This is going to be a great addition, Christine, thank you!