Users are having to clear cache to view FLEX e-editions

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We've had a number of problems with our website loading since we migrated to FLEX. Specifically the issues come from viewing the e-edition on Safari mainly on the iPhone, but not always. I get calls at least once a week about this. You can see the problem in the image below. Someone from Town News told me to have the subscribers clear their cache. That typically works but on this non-mobile device it didn't. I submitted a ticket and am waiting to hear back.

One time on my phone even the regular website displayed code as if it wasn't loading the CSS. I had to clear my cache for it to work.

So do any of you FLEX users have this problem?

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Alright, we'll consider this issue officially addressed at this point.

We're just kicking off our transition to FLEX so I'll keep an eye out for this issue when we get there.

I've got tickets on two separate issues. One is the e-edition not loading unless the user clears the cache(and sometimes not even that fixes it) and another where the main site doesn't load the CSS code until the user clears their cache. So TN is working on the issues.

The latest version of Safari on Sierra and iOS 10 is having all kids of problems with our site. E-Edition is one of them.
Clearing the cache normally works. But you have to do it every day or so.

I opened a ticket, but they didn't experience the problem, so.... yeah....


"I opened a ticket, but they didn't experience the problem"

Story of my webmaster life.

Just asked them again and they said to clear the cache. Safari doesn't have cache clearing capabilities unless you enable developer. iOS deleted all the site settings when you clear its cache, which sucks.

They need to write an exception in JS for Safari and iOS devices to have them not cache the pages.

We've been having this problem as well. The CSS issue was happening on a near daily basis last week. I haven't noticed it as much the past few days but it still exists.

The biggest issue we've experienced is with photos not loading on Safari in iOS. The user is unable to use the menu as well.

Under review

Just FYI, our dev team is investigating. We have an iOS 10 device where we will check it every morning and see if we can reproduce.

As always, we can't address the issue until we can reproduce it, so if anyone has anymore details or thoughts on how to re-create the issue, that would help! :)

It's happened again to someone else. This isn't the e-edition, it's the whole website. And it's just like Paul said, Safari doesn't have a "Clear Cache" option unless you enable the developer mode, which makes it even harder to walk people through.

And again today. I got another subscriber who can't view the e-edition on her iPad. She only sees the page numbers.

We've gotten two of these today. Clear the cache and it works.

Apple pushed out an update to iOS today and one to OS X. Both have safari fixes in place. We will see if this cures it.

Yes, we are hoping that the newest bug fixes for iOS and OS X fixes this as well! We also just did a system-wide cache clear from the CDN and the servers, which MAY help if it is a problem with cache poisoning.

We are also going to update the Bootstrap file with the newest Bootstrap code - we don't think it is a Bootstrap issue per se but changing the file should bust cache on all sites on template updates. (And we do frequent updates to this library anyway.)

Unfortunately, if it is fixed we'll have no idea what did it... but that's OK as long as it is fixed. :)

We're still getting reports of the issue from customers. Any word on whether any of these fixes have been put into place yet?


We face this almost every day from mostly iPad users. It's happened often enough we had to create a help article about it: http://www.bozemandailychronicle.com/help/subscriptions/troubleshooting-the-e-edition/article_d7281980-b807-560b-a72b-a174d868e762.html

We made a release of the Flex templates on Tuesday, Nov. 15th that included the upgraded Bootstrap. Are any of you still receiving reports from customers about issues?

I have not had one of these complaints in quite a while.

I haven't had any complaints in several weeks either.


Alright, we'll consider this issue officially addressed at this point.