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Who else's site having issues for users on Safari w/ iOS 10+?

Kyle Whitfield 7 years ago updated 7 years ago 13

As TN has advised, clearing the browser cache fixes the problem (we believe). Has anyone else had the issue? It looks like this. Any success sharing cache-clearing tips to readers?

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Hi Kyle!

This appears to be the same issue as this one: http://community.townnews.com/topics/575-users-are-having-to-clear-cache-to-view-flex-e-editions/

We are actively researching this right now and trying to reproduce. Clearing cache does fix the problem but it is not reasonable to tell end users to do that.

There are other sites on the internet experiencing this with Safari iOS10:




If you personally are able to reproduce the problem, are you using any content blockers as several users on those threads have stated?

Hi Christine,

We have several people in our newsroom who are having the issue on their phones. And at least one person have it on his Mac desktop too.

I don't believe they're using as content blockers, no. Please call me at 225-388-0374 if you'd like to chat. Anything we can do to help troubleshoot, we're happy to help.

-- Kyle

To clarify, they are not using any ad blockers? We going to try an ad blocker here as well (based on that last link I sent).

Not using ad blockers, no. But I'd imagine they're leaving the default 'block pop-ups' setting turned on in Safari.

Two things:

1. This seems like a long shot, but if you (or someone in your newsroom) are able to reproduce the issue, it would be super helpful to give us a screenshot or a cut and paste of the code from the Web Developer tool's console. Of course, it is pretty hard to see dev tools on an iPhone... you'd have to use a mac with OSX with the mobile device connected. This is one of the things we're trying to do, but we aren't replicating the situation that causes the problem. https://developer.apple.com/safari/tools/

2. It appears in that screenshot that the user is zoomed in. Is zooming part of the steps to re-create this? One of the things changed in Safari iOS 10 is that users can pinch-to-zoom even when a website has "user-scalable=no" set (which we don't anyway). Maybe it is just buggy...


I've never had to zoom in to trigger the issue. When I get this issue to present itself again what do I need to do after plugging my phone in?

Please give me a call, Christine, at 225-388-0374 when you can. Have a colleague's phone in hand that's replicating issue.

No, zooming not part of issue.

How about web app mode? Are you launching from an icon on your desktop/home screen? Safari does weird things in web app mode...

Apparently it's occurring multiple ways -- by opening in web app mode, opening safari from scratch, clicking a link off Twitter, etc.


Could this have anything to do with the IE7 asterisk hacks in the stylesheets? Those result in a lot of warnings in the console in Safari that Chrome doesn't seem to notice.

[Warning] Invalid CSS property declaration at: *
[Warning] Unexpected CSS token: :

I see these warnings on The Advocate's homepage and ours (www.lancasteronline.com)


TN has a template developer working on this issue. It does involve CSS from what I'm told. Unsure if it's related to your observation.