Feature request: Using cookies to remember users' preferences

Kyle Whitfield 6 years ago in BLOX CMS updated by Kevin M. Cox 6 years ago 1

Feature request: The ability to ask a user which 'section' of a site they'd like to default to next time they visit a certain page.

1) What problem(s) does this idea solve?
>> It's possible our company would one day like to market 1 URL to our readers instead of 3 (one for each market we cover). This feature would help us with our messaging.

2) Why do you need this idea implemented? Provide as many problems or use cases as possible.
>> Example: Joe Smith visits theadvocate.com. He sees a window that asks if he'd like the site to remember which page he'd like to visit next time he comes to theadvocate.com. Joe says 'yes, I'd like to automatically be taken to the New Orleans section (theadvocate.com/new_orleans).

3) How often would you use this feature? >> Daily

4) How many people in your organization would use this feature? >> Everyone. About 100

5) Post on TownNews community forum >> Will do