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Join us on February 2nd @ 10:30 AM CST

What's new in BLOX CMS!

At our February customer webinar, Christine Masters, director of product management at TownNews.com, will highlight the exciting new features in this latest major release of BLOX CMS.

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We'll cover:

  • An exciting new Twitter search panel which helps reporters and editors easily find and incorporate tweets into articles.
  • Enabling HTTPs to enhance your site's security, search engine optimization and speed.
  • A sneak peak into new Google Tag Manager tools and integrations.
  • . . . and more!
Ready to take advantage of the latest and greatest improvements to BLOX CMS? Join us on February 2nd at 10:30 AM CST to learn more.


ICYMI: Click here to watch the webinar about what's new in BLOX CMS.