Folders (organization) for blocks in design

Robert Armstrong 6 years ago in BLOX CMS updated by Kevin M. Cox 6 years ago 1

It would be great to see a "folder" structure for Blocks in the Design section where we can place our content/html blocks into so we can orginize better. Either through a drag/drop feature, or in the block itself ("Place in folder"). If no folder, then it would be on the root of the list, with preference of folders showing up first. Folders could be opened and closed.

Often there are lots of different blocks made, even if we try and keep standard and mulit-page blocks. We try and keep keywords and a standard naming conventions, but often miss or don't see blocks even when using the search function.


News Folder

  • Breaking News Block
  • World Events Block
  • Local News
  • etc...

Advertising Folder

  • Rates info block
  • Ad sizing and location block
  • Random HTML blocks
  • etc...

Here's a quick mockup to show further what I mean. Image 212