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Backup Exports

paul kryczko 7 years ago in BLOX CMS updated by Kevin M. Cox 7 years ago 4

In the event that BLOX goes down, is there a way to export our Editorial Assets so that we can keep a backup on our local computers?? Also, what is a .bmp file and how does one open it?

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I would submit a ticket to our Customer Support team to ask what your options are based on your situation and based on what products you currently have and what specifically you're looking to accomplish (a one-time download or a job process, etc.) For example, our Total CMS product can serve as a local backup on an on-premisis appliance.

As for .bpm, it is just a proprietary extension and isn't really meant to be opened outside of the BLOX environment.

IIRC, our contract with TN said if we cancel they'll work with us to make sure we've got clean archives in NITF format. Otherwise if you want a copy they can charge u for dev time. I'm sure the actual wording is written in lawyer and takes a full page, but that's the gist.

As for .bmp, here's the response I got a year ago to a similar question about getting assets from BMP. This worked for me, YMMV:

That said, working with the BPM file isn't totally horrible. Aidian, you can simply rename the .bpm file to .zip and extract it like you would any other compressed file. Once inside you'll see the the .json file that contains metadata and other BLOX information, plus a folder that contains the images. "hires" is probably the one you are looking for, so just slap a .jpg extension on it and open as normal.Obviously if you have a ton of photos this could take a while, but for just a single image every once in a while it isn't too bad.


Thanks very much for the input!

Here is the old thread that Aidian referenced:


I still think a bulk export feature for image files could be very useful.